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'ThinkTanks' & 'Marble Blast Gold' - Demo's Available NOW

by Rainier on May 9, 2003 @ 1:08 p.m. PDT

GarageGames announced today the launch of the Windows demo and full retail version of ThinkTanks, a single and multi-player cartoon styled tank game. ThinkTanks is a power-up based tank combat game with simplified play mechanics meant to appeal to the casual gamer. The gameplay is reminiscent of the simple fun of Atari “Combat” but redesigned in a 3D environment. GarageGames also announced today the release of the Gold version of its highly acclaimed title, Marble Blast. The full version of Marble Blast Gold includes 100 levels (the demo has 6), a variety of power up bonuses, additional hazards and the gold standard for high scores. Read more for details on both these titles as well as linkls where to grab the demo's ...

Get the ThinkTanks demo off Worthplaying (11.5mb)

Get the Marble Blast demo off Worthplaying (9mb)


ThinkTanks is a tank combat game with gameplay that is a lighthearted, fast-paced pandemonium designed to be a blast for the new and experienced gamer alike. Either battling against brain-hungry bots in solo play or going head-to-head against others online, ThinkTanks has something for everyone. The game has both team and individual battlemodes and includes a solo mode where the player must battle against their oppressive alien captors.

“GarageGames believes that players and not marketing hype should drive what games are hits, the player response to ThinkTanks on Mac and Linux indicates that players are driving ThinkTanks to full-on hit status.” comments Jay Moore, GarageGames Evangelist. “BraveTree took the time to really focus in on a fun gameplay mechanic, that is what makes a game like ThinkTanks stand out.”

“ThinkTanks, is a fun addicting family game that takes a competitive edge online or can be a laid back game you can just enjoy playing with your wife or girlfriend. This game is one of the few games that kept me wanting to play more for over a month.” Bryan Walters, play tester comments. Damon Mitchell, Concept Artist and Dad of Morgan age nine, mentions, “I played [ThinkTanks] last night and was getting a real kick, then I put my daughter down in front of it and I couldn't get her off it. She exclaims:' this game is awesome', dad.”

“ThinkTanks was a great game to work on” comments Clark Fagot, Technical Director for BraveTree. “We met every expectation we had and exceeded most. This is a game that casual gamers pick up and enjoy right away. Hard-core gamers put down Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament and play ThinkTanks instead. We've been playtesting this game for 2 months now and nobody is bored yet. I'm very confident that we are giving people a fanstastic game for only $20.”

ThinkTanks is available at GarageGames' website for $19.95.


“We created Marble Blast to appeal to gamers of all skill levels,” comments Mark Frohnmayer, the Marble Blast project lead. “With Marble Blast Gold, we extended the gameplay of the original with 28 new expert levels, set to challenge even the most adept players.”

“We've had a great response to Marble Blast, community members have built levels and one even created an internet high score logging modification,” said Jay Moore, Evangelist for GarageGames.“For the Gold edition, we added a ‘gold’ time standard to each level. We wanted to give new players an idea of the kind of level completion times the best players can achieve.”

The demo, available at various download sites has six playable levels from the 100 that come with the full version of the game. Marble Blast Gold is available from for $19.95. Marble Blast Gold runs on Macintosh computers running OS X and PCs running Windows or Linux. Current Marble Blast owners can upgrade to Marble Blast Gold for $5.00 at

About Marble Blast Gold:

The arcade-style action game has players racing against time as they navigate their marbles through moving platforms and dangerous hazards, collecting treasure along the way.

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