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L.S.P Announces 'The Mummy' For PS2/XBOX/PC

by Rainier on May 9, 2003 @ 2:08 a.m. PDT

L.S.P. announced today that they have signed a licensing agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to develop interactive games inspired by Universal Home Entertainment Production's first season of The Mummy animated television series. The Mummy, the game, will release on Xbox, Playstation® 2 and PC CD-ROM in 2004. Read more for details ...

In the game, players take on the role of Alex O'Connell on his round-the-globe fantastic journey of discovery and adventure. Using his slingshot and the powers of the Manacle to fight against Imhotep and his henchmen, it's the player's mission to help Alex thwart the Mummy's plans to rule the world. This fun, action-packed adventure takes players across different levels and continents that are full of traps and fabulous secrets. The player will encounter exciting challenges where they will ride a camel, an elephant, and even a manta ray.

The game contains superb graphics with all the characters rendered in cell shading to match the visual aspect of the television series and 3D real time for a truly rewarding and fun gaming experience.

Bruno Maglione, Managing Director of Universal Studios Consumer Product in Europe said, "We have worked with LSP successfully before and are confident that they will know how to translate the action, humour and mystery of The Mummy series to new generation consoles. The Mummy game will deliver on exciting environments and creepy villains."

The Mummy animated television series follows the adventures of 11-year old Alex O'Connell, along with his parents, Rick and Evy, travelling the globe, excavating ancient ruins and fleeing for his life from a hostile mummy! When the all-powerful "Manacle of Osiris" locks onto his wrist, Alex and his parents are sent on a race around the world to find the sacred Scrolls of Thebes, the Manacle's instruction manual, before they are found by Imhotep. The fate of the world is endangered – and Alex must save it.

The Mummy, set in the 1930s, combines round-the-world exotic locations with a contemporary attitude and plenty of comedy and high adventure. John Schneider (formerly of Dukes of Hazard) is the voice of Rick O'Connell and Jim Cummings (former voice of Winnie the Pooh) provides the voice of Imhotep.

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