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'Pitfall Harry' (GBA) Announced

by Rainier on May 9, 2003 @ 2:23 a.m. PDT

Australia's Torus Games announced today that it is bringing Activision's Pitfall Harry to the Game Boy Advance. The new game, Pitfall Harry GBA will feature action, adventure, and shoot 'em up fun, promising amazing handheld thrills!

The player takes the role of daring explorer Pitfall Harry as he runs, jumps, swims, swings and fights his way across South America in search of a lost expedition. Through creature filled caves and dense jungles, from the lowest caverns of the Earth to its highest snowy peaks, Harry deals with a multitude of foes and hazards, never breaking a sweat. As the story progresses, Harry acquires special abilities – and the adventure deepens.

Pitfall Harry seamlessly merges classic Pitfall® gameplay and pace with new and exciting challenges. The game features six boss fights and five minigames – including an ice pick climb up a frozen waterfall and an inner tube ride through Amazon rapids – to complement the vine-swinging, pit-avoiding crocodile-jumping classic elements of the brand. It's an adventure, it's a shooter – it's Pitfall Harry GBA and it's available soon!

Torus Games is responsible for Minority Report for the Game Boy® Advance, The Invincible Iron ManTM and the upcoming first person shooter Ice Nine on Playstation® 2 computer entertainment system.

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