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'MiG-21 Interceptor ' - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on June 12, 2003 @ 4:25 p.m. PDT

The MiG-21 was the Soviet Union's first Mach 2 aircraft and it achieved deadly results in its interceptor role during the Vietnam War and bringing it infamy in the West ever since. Captain Sim, the developer of choice for many flight sim fans, have combined their acclaimed flight sim design talents and their real life Eastern-bloc jet fighting skills to bring the last and most advanced two-seat trainer version of MiG-21, the UM "Mongol", to Flight Simulator 2002 and Combat Flight Simulator 2. They've even included an amazing interactive training manual that teaches you Cold War combat skills. Read more for some screens ...

Get ready for Mach 2 mayhem in the Mongol!

Now with Just Flight you can take off with three highly detailed versions of the Mongol, in a great selection of liveries, with scenery for two authentic air bases, AI aircraft and 20 missions for Combat Flight Sim 2 jocks.

The flight sim press already agrees unanimously that this supersonic Soviet is a must-have!

'To say that the modelling is accurate is a bit like saying a Ferrari is just a car!' PC Pilot Magazine 4/5

'If Captain Sim keep putting out stuff coded to this kind of standard they deserve to clean up.'

'This is one aircraft that should definitely be in everyone's folder!' 5/5


  • Authentic MiG-21 engine and cockpit instrument sounds
  • Landing lights
  • Navigation lights
  • Day/night textures
  • Beautifully animated rudder, stabiliser, ailerons, flaps, landing gear and speed brakes, plus afterburner effects in FS2002
  • Also includes Excellent 'active' HTML manual includes the 1968 'KULP BS IA-68' Combat Aircraft Flight Training Course for Higher Fighter Pilot Schools. Learn to fly this Cold War warrior the way Russia intended!

Note about Flight Simulator 2004/Century of Flight compatibility: while no guarantee can be made by Just Flight until final release of Microsoft's new release, early tests promise forwards compatibility with only minor or even no updates required.

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