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Chariots Of War

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Genre: Strategy


'Chariots of War' Ride Into Battle On The PC - Screens

by Thomas on June 13, 2003 @ 2:59 a.m. PDT

In the dawn of time Man, abandoned a life of roaming and hunting to settle in stable agricultural communities. Immediately Man invented private ownership fuelling the fire of conflict. In an effort to stave off barbarians, Great Kingdoms and Empires were born, ruled by powerful King-Priests.

These Great Empires occupied the best farmlands and water sources in the Near East called 'The Fertile Crescent'. But conflict over ownership did not cease because of the creation of these mighty Empires. Instead it lead to jealousy and hatred among the uncivilized peoples and a thirst for ever more power among the King-Priests. It resulted in a war for water, a war for land, a war for the Fertile Crescent.

Lead the mighty Hittites in a campaign to subdue all their neighbours. Play the Assyrians entrenched in a sea of enemies. Carve out an empire or go down in a blaze of glory. Defend Egypt against numerous invasions in an age of decay often called the third intermediate period. Can you stave off the Hittites, the Libyans, the Nubians, the Sea People and numerous rebelling princes and retain the glory of the God-King?

Play one of 58 different nations on a large & beautiful grand campaign map covering the whole Middle East including 164 cities and 80 minor settlements. There are 10 types of nations each with their own unique units. Smaller campaigns are also included for gamers who want a shorter game.


Build hundreds of buildings and city improvements, and collect 9 different resources such as Myrrh, Gems and Horses.

Put your General in command of your army fighting real-time battles under the fog of war

A Random event system that depicts the Era in colourful detail, recreating historical phenomena such as Earthquakes, Floods and Locust plagues.

The Happiness and welfare of the inhabitants of your cities will depend on overpopulation, recruitment levels, garrisons and food, and by developing temples, entertainment and other buildings you keep revolution at bay

Advances will increase the development of your tribe.

Recruit units from nearly thirty different troop types for you invincible armies

Barbarian tribes will roam the land, attacking anything they encounter.

Trade allows you to buy and sell the 9 resources. Different areas of the map have access to different resources so trade is key.

Diplomats can be sent out to gather information. You can eject enemy diplomats in a number of gory ways.

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