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THQ Ships 'Tetris Worlds Live' For Xbox

by Thomas on June 13, 2003 @ 5:50 a.m. PDT

One of the most popular video game franchises ever created goes online as THQ releases "Tetris Worlds Live" exclusively for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft. Compatible with Xbox Live, Microsoft's online gaming arena, "Tetris Worlds Live" brings fans across the globe the opportunity to experience the addictive, block-dropping mayhem synonymous with the Tetris brand in online competition.

"Few products have demonstrated the longevity and universal appeal of Tetris as it continues to be one of the strongest, original game franchises ever created," said Peter Dille, THQ senior vice president of worldwide marketing. "By taking advantage of Xbox Live, `Tetris Worlds Live' allows players from around the world to compete against one another in all-new gameplay scenarios designed specifically for an online audience."

"Tetris Worlds Live" takes everything gamers love about Tetris and enhances it with beautiful 3D graphics and all-new gameplay elements. Players will be able to test their skills in the classic version of Tetris, or the latest cutting-edge variations of the game, including Hot-Line Tetris, Fusion Tetris and Cascade Tetris. "Tetris Worlds Live" features three modes of play: Story Mode where gamers play each variation of "Tetris Worlds" in evolving worlds until they lose; Arcade Mode lets players test Tetris ranks by reaching goals within a two-minute time limit; and Xbox Live where players go online to test Tetris skills against other players all over the world. The "Tetris Worlds Live" community will be constantly updated so players will be able to view their online ranking.

About Tetris

The Tetris franchise has enjoyed 88 different releases on 22 different systems since 1988. Tetris games have appeared on every major gaming platform, in hotel rooms, on airline in-flight entertainment systems, as part of original equipment purchases including desktop PCs and cellular phones, and more. With more than 60 million units sold worldwide through the life of the franchise, Tetris remains one of the strongest original game properties in existence.

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