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'Starters Orders' - Demo & Features

by Thomas on June 13, 2003 @ 8:19 a.m. PDT

New in-depth Horse racing Management Simulation STARTERS-ORDERS released by UK developer Strategic Designs to be distributed digitally in partnership with Softwrap. Starters Orders is a highly detailed and accurate Horse racing management game for the PC.

Features include:

Owner/Trainer/Jockey and Punter Match game modes

Unique rhythmic Jockey control system to simulate real race riding

Fields of up to 30 runners

Exciting race sequence with zoom options and weather effects and overhead course 'radar' view

Intelligent jockeys. Watch the subtle animation changes as jockeys restrain, ride, coax along and whip their mounts to obtain the best finishing position.

Detailed and realistic training methods

Vast dynamic game world with thousands of horses, hundreds of jockeys and computer controlled Trainers

Realistic UK race calendar and key foreign races from: USA, Australia, France, Canada, Japan, Canada etc.

Statistically accurate betting market

Unrivalled simulation depth and accuracy

Distribution strategy

Utilising Softwraps latest software wrapping and distribution technology, Starters Orders Full and Demo versions will be distributed world-wide as a single, free download. Following evaluation the player may then opt to pay online to unlock the Full version. File size is only 16mb.

Further information & downloads @

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