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'Muscle Car 3' Announced - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on June 13, 2003 @ 4:00 p.m. PDT

Today Global Star Software has announced plans to release Muscle Car 3 for the PC. Under development at 3 Romans in Birmingham, Alabama, Global Star plans to build upon the success of the Muscle Car series, while adding immense visual and game play improvements. Global Star currently plans to release Muscle Car 3 in the summer of 2003. Read more for details and download links ......

Get the Muscle Cars 3 demo off Worthplaying (81mb)

Muscle Car 3 will feature a vastly improved graphics engine using Criterion Studios Renderware ┬« and unparalleled physics using Criterion’s RenderWare┬« Physics. The use of the Criterion product makes Muscle Car 3 stand out over earlier incarnations of the series. Check out the details at


  • 4 different modes of play to challenge your driving ability; Quick Race to jump right into the action, Ghost to chase yourself and your best time, Career to conquer the illegal street racing circuit and earning cold hard cash to customize your ride, and Cop Chase, which allows you to play the other side of the law.
  • 26 beautifully modeled cars inspired by the speed demons of the muscle car era, with the ability to modify them to your hearts content with such additions as custom intakes, rims, spoilers, engine sizes and mufflers.
  • High quality 3D environments using Criterion’s Renderware™ technology support real time textures and lighting, particle effects, and stunning scenery
  • Race on tracks around the world, from the ruins of Rome, to the skyscrapers of downtown Chicago, even the lush jungles and temples of Bangkok
  • Play the other side of the law as a Police Officer racing through the streets, ticketing speed demons and making the highways and byways safer for all drivers.
  • 36 different races to test your abilities over 9 different tracks. In Career mode, take to the virtual city for fun and cold hard cash, racing in the illegal underground racing circuit.

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