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Sega Announces The Official Launch of 'Legacy Online'

by Rainier on June 16, 2003 @ 10:19 a.m. PDT, Inc. announced today the official launch of "Legacy Online," a massively multi-player online strategy game for the PC. Developed by Oceanus Communications, a privately held Internet software company based in Ottawa, Canada, Legacy Online provides gamers with the ultimate network gaming experience. Shortly following the launch of the game, will be conducting MMOG Tournaments where Legacy Online players can compete to earn the right to name a new planet.

Legacy Online takes players into new worlds of the near future, where they are in full control of their capitalist empires. The game is a persistent world where businesses operate 24/7, online and offline. Players co-exist on one of many planets, attempting to achieve legendary status by expanding their wealth, business portfolio, and prestige through strategic planning, negotiations, purchases and community building. Each player begins their legacy with an initial investment of one hundred million dollars to establish their company on one of the various planets within the game. Players can amass great fortune, power, and personal fame through business acquisitions and community politics. Successful players strategically conquer the rules of supply and demand, and influence the entire economy and politics of their planet.

"There is money to be made, our richest player has earned over two trillion dollars," said Jason Kinne, senior producer, "With more than thirty million virtual citizens on Planet Trinity, there is a huge market for new business owners to profit from, serve, or exploit."

New features are endless in a server based game and based on user feedback from the Beta period, Oceanus and have added an improved in-game tutorial, a "favorites" style building shortcut system, and a streamlined system for managing supply chains of goods and services.

The first Legacy Online Tournament begins July 14, 2003, when players can compete in a month long tournament to earn the right to name a new planet, the ultimate legacy. A special tournament planet will open where qualifying players compete to build the most successful personal empire on the competition planet. Business owners will develop various aspects of their empire (Wealth, Commerce, Industry, etc.) to achieve the most valuable business portfolio. The player with the highest average rankings on the planet in all categories at the conclusion of the event will be crowned the winner, and win the right to name the new planet, which will be added to the Legacy Online universe.

Legacy Online is currently available for the PC at a subscription rate of $9.95 USD per month. There is no initial cost to download the game, and the first two weeks are free for new subscribers. For more information about "Legacy Online" visit the official website

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