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'Dancing Stage Euromix' Gets Mat Finish

by Thomas on June 18, 2003 @ 4:29 a.m. PDT

Konami of Europe has announced that it is to release an affordably priced Dancing Stage Euromix bundle, comprising the best-selling PSone title and the official Konami dance mat peripheral. The pack will be available in September priced €34.95.

Dancing Stage Euromix has already enjoyed huge success on PSone, and has been pivotal in the growing success of the Dancing Stage franchise. It introduced European games players to the series' simple yet addictive premise of matching arrow symbols by using their feet to press the corresponding arrow on the dance mat, and has been a permanent fixture in the PSone charts in the two years since its initial release.

The game is also bolstered by a classic selection of in-game tunes. Boasting 24 original and licensed tracks, Dancing Stage Euromix features 'Word Up' by Cameo, Gloria Gaynor's eternally popular disco anthem 'I Will Survive' and Shaft's 'Mucho Mambo.' The bundle will also mark the first time that the official Konami dance mat has been made available in Europe. Recognised by Dancing Stage enthusiasts as the definitive peripheral to enhance the experience, the mat and game packs will be released in suitably eye-catching packaging.

The mat and game are both fully compatible with the PSone and PlayStation 2 systems, and Konami of Europe will also be releasing the official Konami dance mat as a stand-alone item to allow two-players to share the fun. Individual mats will be priced ?24.95.

The Dancing Stage Euromix game and mat bundles and the stand-alone mats will be released in September.

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