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'Virtua Tennis 2' (PS2) Pilots Pigeon Marketing

by Thomas on June 19, 2003 @ 7:13 a.m. PDT

In a global marketing first, the UK publishers of PlayStation2 game Virtua Tennis 2 announced they will be using trained homing pigeons to promote the video game to real tennis fans attending this year's Wimbledon. Twenty pigeons, spray-painted with the Virtua Tennis 2 logo and acting as flying advertisements for the game, have been trained to fly in and out of the home of British tennis during the tournament.

The specially trained pigeons will be branded in a harmless and fetching water based paint that will cause no harm at all. There will be one Virtua Tennis 2 logo on each wing, measuring 12cm by 6cm. The pigeons, essentially flying billboards, have been trained to return to their secret London base from SW19 at the end of each day for the logos to be refreshed and re-sprayed where necessary.

Larry Sparks, VP Marketing International of Acclaim, the UK publishers of Virtua Tennis 2, said: "The Virtua Tennis 2 pigeon marketing campaign is highly targeted as it brings awareness of the game directly to tennis enthusiasts. The Wimbledon tournament is famous for the occasional descent by pigeons onto Centre Court, but our advertising pigeons are trained to go straight for the fans and flap their logos in front of them."

The Virtua Tennis 2 game features players like Tim Henman and the Williams sisters competing in the most realistic, exciting and playable tennis game on the market today. It is available from all high street retailers for £29.99

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