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'Karnaaj Rally' (GBA) - Online Tournament

by Rainier on June 19, 2003 @ 11:51 a.m. PDT

Paragon Five announced a worldwide contest in search of the best Karnaaj Rally racer in an online contest called 'the Karnaaj Rally Showdown'. The contest runs through August 1st on the official Karnaaj Rally Showdown website. Racing fans, gaming die hards, and "Karnaaj Krazies" will get a chance to win a free GBA SP compliments of Paragon Five. Read more for details ...

To enter the worldwide contest, Karnaaj Rally players will need to enter the contest via the official Karnaaj webpage. Racers will compete against fellow players in 5 seperate races. The racer with the most accumulated points will be crowned Karnaaj World Champion and will win a GBA SP.

"The Karnaaj Rally Showdown takes online game ranking to the next level. Now players have that extra incentive to leave their enemies in the dust." says Paul Bragiel, Paragon Five's chief executive officer.

Karnaaj Rally was developed by the U.S. based Paragon Five, Inc. and is published by Jaleco Entertainment. The game features intense multiplayer racing and is the first GBA title to offer online ranking.

Paragon Five is a game development studio that has created hit titles for the various handheld and mobile phone devices on the market. The company's success is based on hiring creative talent, custom tools creation, and extensive playtesting. Paragon Five is a partner of publishers and developers including Capcom, EA, Infogrames, Jaleco & Konami. For more information, visit the Paragon Five web site.

Karnaaj Rally is a combat racing game featuring lush 2D and 3D graphics to captivate gamers with this action-packed top-down racer.

As the driver wins races and earns prize money, Karnaaj Rally offers car upgrades, new weapons choices and more challenging tracks. The 22 detailed tracks bring realism to the gameplay with spare tires, pylons and other obstacles affecting the race. Karnaaj Rally has a fully configurable multi-player mode with support for up to four players. Race in career, quick race and time trial modes. Save best times on the cartridge for future races.

Features :

  • 14 upgradeable vehicles and 22 tracks ensure a different race every time
  • Control your vehicle from a top down perspective
  • Every smash, crash and bash is full of eye-popping detail and color with a mix of 2D and 3D graphics
  • Car handling on different surfaces such as tarmac, ice and snow creates a realistic racing experience
  • Quick Race and Time Trial modes
  • Cartridge save (four careers, best track times)
  • Link up with other GameBoy Advance systems and race against up to four players (multi-cart)

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