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'Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 2, 2003 @ 7:34 p.m. PDT

Infogrames has released a new patch for their mod gone retail team-based tactical shooter Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror. This rather huge upgrade brings your retail game to v3.4.0 and adresses a slow of additions, changes and fixes (thanks 3DGamers). This patch is for the retail version of Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror only. Read more for detailed fix list and download links ...

Get the Tac:Ops Patch v3.4.0 off Worthplaying (97mb)

This patch is compatible with the retail version of Tactical Ops: Assault On Terror only. Patches for the freeware version of this title or the upgrade patch for Unreal Tournament owners are not supported by Infogrames Inc. Technical Support.

Download and Installation Instructions:

  1. Click on the above link.
  2. Click the "Save" or "Save File" button. Save the file to a location you will remember, preferably your Desktop.
  3. Double-click on the patch and follow the onscreen directions to install it. The patch will determine where you have installed the game and make the necessary changes automatically.

Additions For Version 3.4.0

  • last used player model in each team
  • binoculars
  • configurable ladder sounds (through UEd)
  • last weapon used key bind
  • new scoresystem
  • punish teamkillers (active for 15 secs after TK)
  • spamprotection: players can not transmit the same line twice in a row within 7 seconds
  • spamprotection: players can not transmit a multiple line spamscript
  • standard logging of players IPs
  • console command "colorblind" changes xhair color to blue
  • preferences entry for "SwitchToLastWeapon" after throwing a nade
  • setting for allowing "PunishTK" & WebAdmin entry
  • bAllowBehindView & WebAdmin entry
  • ingame adminset commands for PunishTK & AllowBehindView
  • level broadcast when a player is kicked/banned by WebAdmin

Changes For Version 3.4.0

  • bullet impacts made more visible
  • improved particles performance.
  • knife damage type changed to 'stab'
  • when you pull the pin on a nade and die, the nade explodes
  • restored HandlePickupQuery mutator hook
  • scoreboard layout
  • flashbangs more effecitve
  • upped max knife damage to 200
  • marked teamsay as such
  • admins can now communicate with / as dead players / when spectating
  • first round preround is twice as long as defined so people can reconnect decently at mapchange
  • upped displayed messages from 4 to 6
  • killmessages stay longer
  • crappy numbers in gamebrowser
  • disallowed some characters in playernames
  • calling fire() to avoid norecoil cheat
  • upped aimerror while swimming
  • adjusted players default eyeheight
  • extended the banlist to a maximum of 250 bans
  • reduced M16 to 20 bullet magazine
  • upped maxdisplayed messages from 4 to 6
  • "Now viewing from" message removed when resetting players
  • dropped the "-" on HUD neg moneychange - now has 5 digits
  • single shot / triple shot now have an accuracy bonus
  • made M4m204 a //regular// M4 w/ m203 nade launcher
  • upped Saigaprice by $250
  • changed assaultrifle damage so they can compete with SMGs at close range
  • rebalanced weapons
  • scoreboard rendered translucent
  • voting players with ID > 256 now possible
  • increased spas price by $100

Fixes For Version 3.4.0

  • Cheats (buyzone, ammo, money, aunt anim hack, taunt while fireing, centerview, norecoil (alookup keybind))
  • Game crashing sometimes at map change
  • Webserver displayed in scoreboard as spectator
  • When you are dead and call up a tab the name of the person you are tracking still lights up and is rendered right into the tab
  • When you're under positive cash you can't buy or sell anything in the menu
  • buyweapon bind alt ammo is set to 0 now
  • when in buymenu and you press console key twice, the buymenu disappears
  • when you press the BuyMenu Key again the first time it doesn't work... (to close it). You have to press ESC. then it works fine.
  • could not toss weapon while walking
  • fixed the IRC bug
  • enabled running the tacticalops.exe and directly get into a server handed over as commandline option WITHOUT the broken HUD and with the team-select window
  • map fixes didn't seem to work online on servers
  • stopped the continous nickchange script that some jokers have running
  • made sure players didn't get an ID 0
  • precaching removed when taking screenshots
  • fixed knife ammo not being bought via keybind
  • 3 rounds burst fire jam on M16
  • when firing an automatic weapon and you duck you are still shown standing until you stop firing
  • grenades: bar sometimes does not show up even though nade is being primed
  • Raging Bull ejecting shells
  • weapons offset calc -responsible for aim going wide when close to walls, OICW while being zoomed, etc.
  • zoom replication when spectating
  • roundnumber starting at 0 instead of 1
  • TO_MessageMutator unregistering other Mutators while loading
  • zoom not reverted when "gotostate('dying')"
  • fixed accessed nones in the actorresetter caused by blockpath
  • removed BuyKnives command
  • WebAdmin ExplosionsFF checkbox not working
  • IRC not connecting when using illegal chars
  • animrate for walking
  • xhair being very slightly off
  • accessed none in botcode
  • Console Timer bug

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