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Alienware First To Market With New 'KLIPSCH' Speakers

by Rainier on June 23, 2003 @ 12:23 p.m. PDT

Alienware is the first PC manufacturer to offer the new Klipsch GMX A-2.1 speakers. The GMX A-2.1 speakers deliver the dynamic sound quality and innovative design that Alienware customers demand. These state-of-the-art speakers are available now with all Alienware systems. Read more for details ...

“We are happy to be the first PC manufacturer to offer the Klipsch GMX A-2.1 speakers,” said Kevin Wasielewski, Vice President of Marketing for Alienware Corporation. “Alienware is constantly working with our partners to bring high-performance, cutting-edge technology to our customers as quickly as possible. Klipsch continues to be at the forefront of speaker innovation, allowing Alienware to continue delivering the best possible gaming experience to our customers.”

"It is always exciting for the Klipsch team to launch new products with Alienware,” said Mark Casavant, Vice President of Multimedia for Klipsch Audio Technologies. “Over the years we have enjoyed taking performance to new levels with Alienware, as they have provided leading-edge gaming systems to the discriminating and influential enthusiast market. Klipsch and Alienware continue this tradition with the ProMedia GMX A-2.1 speaker system, exuding high-performance and cutting-edge style as a natural complement to Alienware's awesome computers."

Klipsch has been at the forefront of the multimedia nation for more than three years with the award-winning ProMedia personal audio systems. By combining high-performance audio, visual appeal, and simplified functionality and connectivity, the A-2.1 is an ideal audio solution for today’s multimedia entertainment devices.

The four-piece Klipsch GMX A-2.1 consists of two-identical, magnetically shielded satellite speakers, a subwoofer, and a control pod. Each satellite is a highly efficient two-way design with a 3-inch subwoofer. The subwoofer contains a 75-watt amplifier, which powers the entire system delivering a substantial 108 dB maximum SPL. The controller provides two stereo inputs, one with RCA jack connections and the other with a 1/8" minijack. The controller also has a minijack headphone output, power button, and a master volume control.

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