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'Postal' Victorious Over U.S. Postal Service

by Rainier on June 25, 2003 @ 11:10 a.m. PDT

Six years after the United States Postal Service (USPS) sued the makers of the notorious videogame POSTAL and its ultra-controversial sequel, POSTAL 2, game developer Running With Scissors has been informed by the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board of the U.S. Department of Commerce that the USPS's opposition case had been dismissed with prejudice.
We're pleased with the ruling," said Vince Desi, Running With Scissors' battle-hardened CEO, "although everyone involved knows we never should have had to fight this frivolous lawsuit in the first place. Our game is funny. Theirs is sick."

The case, which was brought by the USPS in 1997, was widely considered to be a ridiculous waste of USPS funds - especially considering the fact that the game had nothing to do with the Post Office or its employees; a fact apparently lost on then U.S. Postmaster General/CEO Marvin Runyon.

POSTAL was banned in over ten countries and blacklisted in the USA through the hypocritical efforts of U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Joe Leiberman. "It's friggin ridiculous to think that every time we or one of our fans bought a stamp, that money went directly into a campaign to put us out of business" mused Desi.

Attorneys Jeffrey E. Jacobson and Bruce E. Colfin of New York handled the case on behalf of Running With Scissors, battling the monolithic might of the United States Post Office while the undaunted developer nurtured its cult phenomena; turning it into a booming franchise. The game POSTAL 2, published by Whiptail Interactive, has become a #1 sensation currently being sold worldwide.

Describing the USPS as a "malevolent monopoly" in its unchecked zeal to crush his independent company, Desi concluded, "...With unlimited financial resources comes unlimited ego. POSTAL and POSTAL 2 represent everything the USPS isn't: a successful private enterprise that will never have to rely on an irrevocable government contract to keep its pockets perpetually lined with cash."

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