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'Star Trek Elite Force II' - Dedicated Win32 Server Available NOW

by Rainier on June 26, 2003 @ 10:02 a.m. PDT

Activision has released the, unsupported, beta update for Ritual's newly available sci-fi FPS "Star Trek Elite Force II", bringing the dedicated Win32 server to v1.01. This update is for server administrators ONLY (useless for multiplayer clients or other game owners) and removes the requirement of needing the game CD in the CD-ROM drive. Read more for details & download links ...

Get the Elite Force 2 v1.01 Dedicated Win32 Server off Worthplaying (3mb)


*** This update is not OFFICIALLY supported by Activision Customer Support. It is only a Beta Server Update to allow server administrators to host dedicated servers without requiring the CD to remain in the CD-ROM drive. It should not be used for multiplayer clients or other game owners.


Refer to this document if you encounter difficulties with one or more aspects of installation or running the Star Trek Elite Force II 1.01 Beta Server Update. Many of the problems commonly encountered are covered here.


1. Minimum System Requirements:

- 3D Hardware Accelerator Card required - 100% DirectX(r) 9.0 compatible 32MB video card and drivers*
- Pentium(r) III 600 or Athlon(tm) processor or higher
- English version of Microsoft(r) Windows(r) 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
- 128MB of RAM
- Quad Speed CD-ROM drive (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate) and drivers
- 1.3GB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 200MB for Windows swap file)
- 100% DirectX(r) 9.0 compatible 16 bit sound card and drivers
- 100% Windows(r) 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and drivers
- DirectX(r) 9.0 (included)


- Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported
- Internet play requires 56 Kbps (or faster) modem and drivers
- LAN play requires network interface card and drivers
Important Note: *Some 3D accelerator cards with the chipsets listed here may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Star Trek Elite Force II. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX 9.0 compatibility.
- All ATI(r) Radeon
- nVidia(r) TNT2 and TNT2 Ultra
- All nVidia(r) GeForce(tm) chipsets
- SIS Xabre 400

2. Installation of the update:

The update includes 3 new updated game files and this readme. The updated game files are: ef2.exe, cgamex86.dll, and gamex86.dll. During the update the installer assumes that you have installed the game to the default game directory of c:program filesactivisionef2. If you have changed your installation directory you will need to change the output directory accordingly or manually move the files later to the installed directory prior to using the update.

Any future OFFICIAL update will be released on the following sites,, and We will also utilize the games auto-patch capability for those with an active internet connection.


1. Hosting with the update:

With the update you will now be able to host Dedicated games without needing to keep the game CD in the CD-ROM drive. This fix is being released as a Beta and doesn't incorporate any additional updates other then what is listed above.

A.) We do intend to incorporate this fix into a future OFFICIAL 1.1 update of Elite Force II.

B.) This fix does not incorporate support for Linux servers. That is being worked on now for a future release.

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