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Thrustmaster Reveals New Line Of Sound Systems

by Rainier on June 26, 2003 @ 10:55 a.m. PDT

Thrustmaster announces the two latest entries in its multi-platform range of accessories: the 5.1 Sound System and 2.1 Sound System. More powerful than the previous speaker kits, these are fully compatible with all video game consoles – including Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube – as well as with PC, DVD players, TV sets and VCRs. Read more for details and specifications ...

“Following the success of the sound systems we have released to date and in order to meet the increasing demand from gamers for this type of accessory, Thrustmaster has created two new high-performance sound solutions that are even more powerful and more attractive, both in terms of their design and their price!” states Jocelyn Denis, Product Manager at Thrustmaster.

“Dolby Digital is fast becoming the new standard for games and movies,” explains Jocelyn Denis. “Surround sound provides stunning sensations which more and more people are eager to experience when playing games or watching DVDs – not only on a stand-alone DVD player, but also on PC and consoles. Thrustmaster’s new 5.1 Sound System has been designed to perfectly meet these consumers’ expectations.”

Thrustmaster’s New 5.1 Sound System

Thrustmaster’s new 5.1 Sound System, which brings the most competitive price on the market, has been created with design in mind. Even more sleek and stylish than its predecessor, this attractive system perfectly complements any room. The 5.1 Sound System is a premium speaker kit that delivers the finest and most powerful sound, adding a whole new dimension to games and DVDs and bringing them to life.

Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic certified, the 5.1 Sound System features a Dolby Digital decoder integrated into its wooden subwoofer, five high-quality satellite speakers, a set of audio cables and an infrared remote control.

The Dolby Digital decoder automatically detects and identifies the sound signals it receives: stereo, Dolby Surround (PS one, PlayStation 2), Pro Logic (GameCube) or Dolby Digital (Xbox, some PS2 games, DVDs).

At 30 Watts RMS wooden subwoofer provides impressive low frequency effects for sounds such as explosions, while its five independent 10 Watts RMS satellite speakers enhance 3D effects in games and movies. Now hear the enemies approaching from behind or driving by on either side! Each satellite speaker can be fixed to the wall and includes independent swiveling tweeters, with treble and bass controls for customizable sound.

The infrared remote control provides users with complete control over the entire system – including each speaker’s volume – from the comfort of a couch or chair.

Surrounded by the power of Thrustmaster’s 5.1 Sound System, you simply won’t believe your ears!

Thrustmaster’s 2.1 Sound System

Thrustmaster is also pleased to present its 2.1 Sound System: with 52 Watts of total output power and a suggested retail price of just €49.99, it is perfect for those in search of a high-quality, truly affordable sound solution.

2.1 Sound System is compatible with all three leading video game consoles on the market – PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube– as well as PC and all DVD players. The system includes a 30 Watt wooden subwoofer for enhanced bass reproduction and a pair of powerful speakers with independent swiveling tweeters, as well as treble and bass controls and a 3D feature for incredibly realistic sound effects in games and movies.


5.1 Sound System and 2.1 Sound System will be available from fall 2003 at recommended retail prices of €179.00 and €49.99, respectively.

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