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'World War II Frontline Command' Ships To Stores

by Rainier on June 26, 2003 @ 1:58 p.m. PDT

Strategy First and The Bitmap Brothers are proud to announce that the first fully 3-D real-time strategy wargame, World War II Frontline Command, has shipped to retail stores nationwide. “World War II Frontline Command is a first, with its fully 3D graphics set during WWII.“ says Steve Milburn, Director of Marketing at Strategy First. “WWII FC is a title that all fans of WWII genre games should own, easy to learn, difficult to master and almost impossible to put down.”

WWII Frontline Command is an action strategy title that takes the player into the heat of a WWII war zone with paratroopers dropping into axis-entrenched territory to disrupt the forces ahead of the main D-Day invasion. The 3D engine allows for advanced game play techniques incorporating true 3D Line Of Sight systems, seasonal lighting and environmental effects, landscape scarring and multiple stage deformation for all units and buildings and intelligent and adaptive AI that reacts to the player’s strategy while they play.

With over 23 historically accurate units per side and 25 single player missions, the war effort does not end there, as all 25 missions, and 10 unique missions are available for multiplayer via LAN and the Internet using GameSpy. Authentic World War II archive footage and a professionally orchestrated audio score along with true-to-life sound effects, players are immersed in the heart of the action. Machine gun bullets fly from all directions and ricochet off stone walls and the thunderous explosions of mortar fire echoes across the battlefield.

Frontline Command Features

  • Fully 3D engine allows for advanced gameplay incorporating 3D Line Of Sight, lighting and environmental effects, and multiple stage deformation for all objects
  • A morale system influences the style and actions of the units in play
  • Intelligent and adaptive AI that reacts to your strategy as you play
  • A “Hearing” system where enemy units within range but not in Line Of Sight can be detected if they are heard
  • Real WWII archived footage provides an informative and historical update between sub campaigns
  • 25 Single Player missions can be played as a 12-mission “Recruit” campaign or a 20-mission, non-linear “Veteran” campaign
  • Command up to 23 real-life units per side featuring historically accurate hardware
  • Multiplayer support for up to 4 players via LAN and Internet. 35 maps can be played in different game styles.

For additional information Strategy First and have combined forces to create a micro site dedicated to World War II Frontline Command. Please check out the World War 2 Frontline Command micro site for all of the latest news and AAR's from the battlefield.

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