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'Captain Scarlet : Retaliation' - Release Date & Screens

by Rainier on June 27, 2003 @ 9:09 a.m. PDT

Captain Scarlet will be fighting the Mysterons again in an all new PC game, Captain Scarlet : Retaliation, to be launched in the UK on Friday 5th September 2003. Captain Scarlet: Retaliation is a real time tactical strategy game where gamers control up to six Spectrum agents, each with unique capabilities, as they attempt to halt the Mysteron’s evil plans. Based on the cult Gerry Anderson television series, the game combines addictive game play, with stunning graphics and the rich background of the original series, to create a compelling game that will appeal to a wide range of players. Read more for details & screens ...

The year is 2068 and the Mysterons are waging a war of nerves against Earth, issuing cryptic warnings before using their powers of retro-metabolism to control people and carry out their threats. Earth's only defence is Spectrum, a world security organisation now focused solely on defeating the Mysteron menace.

The title combines intensely addictive gameplay with stunning graphics and the rich background of the television series to create a compelling game that will appeal to a wide range of gamers.

The game features 14 graphically stunning levels that recreate the look and feel of the original series. The environment of each level varies, from a fog shrouded dock, to polar oil refineries, to Cloudbase, the home of Spectrum itself. Each Spectrum Agent has unique capabilities, and gamers can choose from a range of tools such as a sniper rifle, Mysteron detector or remote controlled robots. Three levels of difficulties will suit players of all ages and abilities, as they call in air-strikes, defuse nuclear bombs, rescue downed Angel pilots and much more, to defuse the Mysteron threat. Players will also control a variety of vehicles including Spectrum Saloon Cars, Angel Interceptors and, of course, the legendary Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle.

The game will be available from major high street and online games retailers, and direct from Batfish Studios.

Features :

  • Fourteen graphically stunning levels set across a wide range of different environments.
  • Five completely new 'episodes' recreate the look and feel of the series.
  • Control six Spectrum Agents, each with their own unique abilities including diving, rock climbing and lock picking.
  • Choose from a range of tools to complete your objectives. Everything from Captain Blue's sniper rifle to Mysteron detectors to remotely controlled robots.
  • Combat a variety of Mysteron Agents including tomb robbers, jungle rebels and the elusive Captain Black.
  • Control the classic Captain Scarlet vehicles, the Angel Interceptor, Spectrum Saloon Car and of course the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle.
  • Call in air-strikes, defuse nuclear bombs, rescue a downed Angel pilot and much more.
  • Fully featured particle effects system that brings the levels to life.
  • Three levels of difficulty to suit players of all ages and abilities.

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