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'Resistant' (Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on June 30, 2003 @ 9:36 a.m. PDT

'Resistant' (current working title) is a 3rd person action game. The plot is yet to be announced but you will take on the role as "Jack Crowe" and do some cleaning up in a rather near future. All simularities to Splinter Cell are intentional i am sure, read more to check out details and screens ...

Features :

  • Full per-pixel lighting and attenuation.
  • Per-Pixel High quality specular glare on reflective surfaces.
  • Fully dynamic lights that casts dynamic shadows (no limits on number of shadows from objects or characters).
  • Water simulations with buoyancy.
  • Constraint system to create amazing real life objects such as hanging signs that you can shoot of one of the wires that holds it and it will swing by the other wire.
  • Breakable objects. You can shot a gas tube and it will explode and throw pieces of it self all around and these pieces are then real objects that can be shot at again and they will react as they should.
  • Dynamic cloth that can be ripped apart like real cloth to create really amazing visual effects.
  • Ultra time for cool looking "one shot kills" or when you want to get all those enemies with a single mag.
  • The main character has a wide number of moves for example he can climb, arm walk, jump, run, walk, sneak, crouch, close combat fight with fists or weapons, range fight with a lot of different automatic guns and several "future" based weapons to be announced later.

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