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'True Combat' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 30, 2003 @ 6:16 p.m. PDT

Team Terminator has released a patch for their Beta v1.0 for their tactical multiplayer mod for Quake 3, True Combat. Some of the features of this mod are: new player models with new animations, all weapons animated including reload animations, smoke and flashbangs effects, knife impacts on environment, new gamemodes, and much more. The new Patch fixes quite some nasty stuff we overlooked or that turned out to need improvements. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the True Combat v1.0a Update Patch Off Worthplaying (2.5mb)

Changes in 1.0a :

  • Added more recoil to Ak47 tac mode.
  • Added more recoil to m4a1.
  • Removed old weapon cmds in UI.
  • Fixed a couple UI problems.
  • Changed music loop in UI.
  • Fixed problem with cheat kick.
  • Removed g_realism cvar.
  • Added g_modms [1] stops global means of death messages.
  • Added g_nametags 0-3 [2] 0 No names, 1 both names, 2 team names only
  • 3 just playing around. both, very small range/text and same colors.
  • Changed Lives code. Stopped g_maxlives from affecting CTF RCTF FFA TDM. Only affects LMST and LMS.
  • Moved m_scriptlives out of script into server only cvar.
  • Fixed up swap team code.
  • Spectators stuck in tac fov after using the spacebar to stop following a player that was in tac.
  • Fixed Flashbang during warmup and intermission.
  • Capped maxfps to 225.
  • Made stamina and bombs frame dependant.
  • Added a bit more anti-cheat code.
  • Temporarily disabled pmove_fixed cvar to solve a few server related problems.

We ask all server admins to update asap to prevent chaos, confusion and anarchy.

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