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'Purge Online' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 30, 2003 @ 10:18 p.m. PDT

Get the Purge Online v1.4.6 RETAIL patch off Worthplaying (21mb)

The following patch and tools is for the full Purge retail version. You need a clean installation of Purge to apply the patch. Please try the following, if you have problems with the patch:

1. Uninstall Purge.
2. Reboot.
3. Delete everything remaining Purge directory. You may want to keep the files in your "/SAVE" directory if you want to save your Experience Points on Persistence server.
4. Reinstall Purge from the CD to the C Drive (the first hard disk). Please make sure you are installing to the C Drive if you having problems patching Purge. You can move it to another drive after successfully patching.

The Purge Tools are optional for players who like to make their own maps or modify weapons. Along with the Lithtech Talon tool, the Purge Tools include level prefabs used in the Purge retail maps.

Build Notes [1.4.6]


  • Doubled network buffer queue.
  • Fixed rare bug that caused regeneration timing desync with the server.


  • 9 new GM commands added: respawnorder, respawnchosen, respawnall, order++, order--, chosen++, chosen--, all++, all--.


  • Players with high Energy no longer need to wait a "full cycle" when their Energy Bar is almost full. They will only wait the fraction of time needed to regenerate the remaining Energy.


  • Players with atleast a 50% kill ratio are no longer kicked for 10 suicides when LamerGuard is on.


  • New Cargo Depot Map.
  • Proteus has improved lighting and new balance tweaks including an additional route to go upstairs and a cage added to the ramp.

Installation Notes

Please read the manual before playing Purge.

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