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'Laser Squad Nemesis' Co-Publishing Agreement - Screens

by Thomas on June 5, 2003 @ 5:44 a.m. PDT

Codo Technologies Ltd and Just Play, a division of Just Flight Ltd, today announced that they have entered into a co-publishing agreement to distribute a retail boxed version of Codo's acclaimed Laser Squad Nemesis, which has previously only been available online.

Laser Squad Nemesis (LSN) is a two player, squad level, email strategy game. You can play anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as they have an email address. The game engine is a unique combination of turn-based control and real-time action with video style playback of all your battles. The email system allows you to play the game at your own pace, and play as many games concurrently as you can manage.

The game is a battle between three opposing forces. You can choose to play the Laser Marines, Machina or the Spawn and you can choose the composition of your force before each battle. There are a large variety of battlefields (over 30) and two different scenario types.

Subscribers to the game are able to compete in leagues and tournaments, some created by the developers, others are entirely player generated

Game Pedigree
Laser Squad Nemesis can date its roots back to 1988 when Julian and Nick Gollop produced Laser Squad on the Spectrum. From Laser Squad the Gollop brothers went on to produce the phenomenal XCOM series of games, starting with XCOM:UFO Enemy Unknown (1994), XCOM: Terror From The Deep (1994) and XCOM: Apocalypse (1997).

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