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Next Generation Tennis 2003

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Sports

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'Next Generation Tennis 2003' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on June 5, 2003 @ 9:13 a.m. PDT

Get the NGT 2003 demo Off Worthplaying (31mb)

Paul-Henri Mathieu, Marat Safin or Justine Hénin-Hardenne? Step into the shoes of a professional player, choose the surface that best suits your game and make your entrance onto the professional tour!

A host of innovations for the definitive tennis game: new latency-free animations (camera swoops and slow-motion replays), ultra-fluid controls, highly realistic court and court-side details, American-style match presentations, experience points for improving players' abilities, bonus courts and players...

And, of course, the official French and US Open courts as well as the top players in world tennis.

An innovative simulation game: 100% fun!

Aimed at both casual and die-hard tennis fans, Next Generation Tennis 2003 combines responsive gameplay with breathtakingly realistic environments. Indeed, playing Next Generation Tennis 2003 is like watching a match live on TV: slow-motion replays, umpire comments, player behaviour, crowd noise - the only difference is you're on the court taking part!

With seven game modes (including 2 hidden), Next Generation Tennis 2003 offers players a wide range of excitement, from the most traditional to the most innovative. For example, Career mode lets players create their own character (male or female) and pit him or her against the professional tour's top players. As a rising star in world tennis, your aim is to reach the highest level after ten seasons. Completing training sessions and stringing together victories in singles and doubles will improve your character's abilities, making him or her an ever more perfect player.
This character can also be used in the game's other modes.

In Career mode - and depending on their results - players will be able to purchase training sessions in order to improve their abilities and tactics. These sessions take the form of arcade-style games.

Next Generation Tennis 2003 also has a full multi-player mode: the Tournament mode lets players create their own tournaments and championships and invite up to 7 opponents to take part in them.

In most modes, and depending on their results, players can unlock different types of bonuses (new modes, outfits, environments, players, wacky courts).

Stunning realism, authentic courts...

Thanks to the co-operation of the teams behind the French and US Opens, who provided detailed plans of the stadiums, the development teams were able to create faithful models of the most famous courts in Roland Garros and Flushing Meadows, as well as 6 other courts with different surface types (grass and hard courts).

Players must therefore take their first steps on these world-renowned tournaments' authentic courts and in front of crowds who react to the twists and turns matches inevitably take.
This attention to detail is also to be found in the sound effects: several F.F.T. sound banks were used to recreate match atmosphere: from the umpire's appeals for quiet to shouts from the crowd to mobile phones going off.

5 professional players

Next Generation Tennis 2003 lets you pick from 5 professional players, men and women playing each other in singles and doubles - and even mixed doubles! The players' looks and playing styles have been modelled in the minutest detail: strengths and weaknesses, variations in game depending on surface type, favourite shots, service type, position in doubles, etc. For example, Paul-Henri Mathieu favours his right side, Alex Corretja likes to play from the baseline and Marat Safin has a powerful serve.


  • The definitive tennis simulation
  • 4 types of shots and serves (lobs, slices, backspin and flat shots), not forgetting smashes, drop shots and underhand serves
  • side spin
  • ball physics specific to each surface
  • highly realistic player behaviour, with playing styles determined by their temperament
  • highly developed Artificial Intelligence
  • over 500 motion capture animations
  • F.F.T. sound banks and Dolby Prologic 2 compatible

Great depth of content

  • 12 faithfully recreated courts: including 3 at Roland Garros, 3 at Flushing Meadows, 3 training and 2 hidden courts
  • 3 different surfaces: clay, grass and hard courts
  • 5 accurately modelled professional players, including 2 women (cf. annex)
  • men vs. women in singles and doubles
  • arcade and simulation game modes:
  • Arcade: take on a series of opponents in singles or doubles
  • Exhibition: singles, doubles or two against one
  • Tournament: create custom tournaments and championships
  • Career: create your own player (male or female) and discover the world of international competitions for the 10 years your career lasts. Train hard and take on the best players in the world in your attempt to make it into the champions' inner circle.
  • Endurance: an extreme mode consisting of a series of matches against different opponents. Keep winning and you'll stay in the competition...
  • Training: practise your serve, volleys, spin and baseline game
  • Lots of bonuses to unlock in each game mode: outfits, hidden modes and courts (a boulevard in Las Vegas, a volcano crater), zany characters (Elvis, a female adventurer)...
  • A new results-based reward system: buy equipment, unlock hidden training sessions and courts
    Multi-tap: up to 4 players on PS2 and Xbox, 2 players on PC.

Next Generation Tennis 2003's major innovations

  • New ball physics for even more realistic flights and bounces
  • More dynamic, latency-free animations, including camera swoops and player slides on clay
  • More fluid controls
  • Easy to lob and real control over drop shots
  • More distinctive individual playing styles and better quality graphics
  • Game modes simplified
  • New, shorter Career mode
  • Earn points during matches and training sessions to improve players' abilities
  • Earn bonuses during matches to unlock hidden courts, surprise players and new game modes (2 against 1,...)
  • Possible to hit the ball out of play
  • New court-side details: ball boys and girls, line judges, flags
  • Radar-calculated service speed
  • Earn credits to buy new equipment, game modes and training sessions

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