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THQ & Lego Teams Up For GBA Titles

by Thomas on June 6, 2003 @ 5:41 a.m. PDT

THQ today announced that it will publish LEGO Interactive titles for the Game Boy Advance worldwide. THQ will be developing and publishing titles based on the LEGO universe, including Drome Racers and Bionicle. Drome Racers, the first title under the multi-title exclusive publishing agreement, is scheduled to ship later this month.

"LEGO is a top-selling children's toy brand with wide-ranging franchises that lend themselves to great Game Boy Advance content," stated Tiffany Ternan, senior vice president of North American sales and operations. "We are extremely excited to be publishing LEGO titles for the Game Boy Advance system."

"As the top third-party Game Boy Advance publisher, THQ is the ideal publisher for our LEGO properties," stated Sean Ratcliffe, global brand director for LEGO Interactive. "Their proven leadership gives us confidence this will become a long-standing publishing relationship."

Drome Racers for Game Boy Advance allows players to get behind the wheel of high-tech racing machines based on new cars from the 2002 LEGO Racers construction toy line. Each race will offer players a seamless set of stages, mixing tracks from realistic and stunning city, mountain and canyon environments. Drome Racers features four play modes including Quick Race, Arcade, Championship, and Multi-Challenge races that take players through a series of stages on all-terrain tracks in six futuristic locations. The Game Boy Advance Link Cable will allow four players to race each other at one time. Racers will be able to earn credits for upgrading engines, tires, turbo chargers, aerodynamics, and more.

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