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'Cruise Ship Tycoon' - Screens

by Rainier on June 6, 2003 @ 3:37 p.m. PDT

Cruise Ship Tycoon is a fun and exciting game that lets you take control of a fleet of cruise ships. Features include: colorful and unique characters (including staff and passengers), Challenge, Career and Open Play game modes, various locations ranging from Antarctica to Alaska and Russia to Mexico. There are 4 base model ships to choose from and a large variety of rooms, food, staff and entertainment buildings to create. Don't forget to steer your ship clear of icebergs, land and those pesky sea creatures. Read more for some screens ...

Plan fun and exciting cruises such as family weekends, gambling cruises, and single cruises with Cruise Ship Tycoon. There are over 500 unique animations, 70 unique characters and 3 modes of gameplay - mission based, career mode and free play. Plus, with 8 locations to port and visit, 4 base model ships to choose from and additional rooms and items to unlock, you'll find yourself in fierce competition with other cruise lines. Do you have what it takes to call yourself a Cruise Ship Tycoon?

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