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Origins 2003 And Shrapnel Games

by Thomas on June 7, 2003 @ 12:29 a.m. PDT

From June 26th until June 29th thousands upon thousands of gamers will descend upon Columbus, Ohio for an orgy of game playing. If it's a game, it'll be at Origins 2003. Collectible card games, live action role playing, traditional role playing, and of course, the granddaddy of all tabletop gaming, wargames, will all be represented. Scores of companies will also be on hand, to showcase their latest and greatest products. Among these companies will be none other than Shrapnel Games.

The focus of Shrapnel will be on wargames, though all titles will be featured. In particular Shrapnel Games' first boardgame, Mark H. Walker's Lock 'N Load, will be heavily promoted. The designer himself, Mark H. Walker, will be on hand to demo the game (the demos are currently slated for the "War Room", but possibly may change). Mark, the ever dedicated designer, plans to demo the game whenever and wherever he can, so even if you don't get a chance to see the "official" demos, fear not, for there will be plenty of Lock 'N Load demonstrations to witness.

The Shrapnel Games booth can be found near the concession stand at the Hall C entrance, Booth 360, and will be manned by Tim Brooks, his wife Annette, and Richard Arnesen. Mark Walker will also be present when not demoing Lock 'N Load. The fine folks at Shrapnel would love if everyone could stop by and say hi. Even better, we'd love for you to check out our complete line of award-winning products.

Origins 2003 will be held from 26th of June to the 29th of June at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus Ohio. For more information, and to reserve badges, please go to:

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