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'Combat Command 2 Gold Edition' Goes Gold

by Thomas on June 7, 2003 @ 12:33 a.m. PDT

Shrapnel Games is pleased to announce that Combat Command 2: Danger Forward Gold Edition has just recently passed the Gold milestone and is expected to begin shipping on June 20th. The Gold Edition is an enhanced version of the award-winning grand tactical game, Combat Command 2: Danger Forward.

Alterations and enhancements from the original game run the gamut from improved graphics to several important rule revisions. Additionally, the already hefty list of scenarios grows even larger with the inclusion of seven brand new scenarios, bringing the grand total of ready to play scenarios up to twenty-seven. Relive the bloody beach landings on the French coast with the Utah beach scenario or see if the tenacious British could defend their isle from Axis invasion in the hypothetical Seelowe scenario.

The easy to use scenario editor is still present, as are the wealth of play options. Play against the challenging AI or a human opponent live over the Internet, through PBEM, or at the same computer.

If you missed it the first time now is your chance to see what had delighted critics and thrilled gamers across the world during its original release. Enjoy the chrome, enjoy the well- researched battles, but most of all, enjoy the game!

It is available online through The Gamer's Front store ( for a price of $39.95.

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