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'Dance:UK' - Bemami Style Dance Mat Game

by Thomas on June 7, 2003 @ 12:45 a.m. PDT

Bigben Interactive UK Ltd. is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Dance:UK on both the PS one and PlayStation2 formats. As the title suggests, Dance:UK is a 'bemami'-style dance-mat game. The game will be released into an already tough market sector. However, rather than simply emulating existing dancing games, Bigben Interactive UK commissioned extensive research with the game's target audience. A range of focus groups were quizzed with the aim of discovering what the public really want in a dance game. Bigben Interactive believes that the knowledge gained will enable it to deliver the game the masses desire.

Dance:UK includes a number of unique features that will lift the title above its contemporaries, including the first truly integrated karaoke function and "plug-in" albums that will ensure the game stays fresh and current. Together with its accessory division, 4Gamers, Bigben Interactive UK is perfectly positioned to deliver the next-generation of dance games.

"Dance:UK will be a landmark title in the history of both Bigben Interactive and the dance-game genre." said Neil Meredith, Managing Director of Bigben Interactive UK Ltd. "Dance-mat games have already proved incredibly successful outside of the traditional gamer demographic. Following extensive research I believe we will take the genre even further and deliver a few new twists along the way. Dance:UK is one of those products we thought we had got right but following the amazing response at E3 we now know for sure. Last year we said that this is what Bigben was going to be about and now we feel we are delivering on our promises."

Dance:UK will be released in September 2003 for both the PS oneTM and PlayStation®2 formats.

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