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'Ape Escape 2' (PS2) Coming To Stores - Screens

by Rainier on July 1, 2003 @ 10:30 a.m. PDT

Super-smart, delinquent monkeys out to dominate the world?! Witness the pandemonium in Ape Escape2, just released by Ubi Soft Entertainment. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and available exclusively for the PS2, Ape Escape 2 is the sequel to the successful 'Ape Escape' which released for the PlayStation game console in 1999, rapidly becoming a Greatest Hits favorite. Building on its predecessor, Ape Escape 2 includes advanced game features, engaging 3D graphics, and plenty more monkey chaos. Read more for details and some new screens ...

There's been a terrible accident at Monkey Park! Jimmy, the main character, has accidentally provided the monkeys with a superior intelligence and means of escape from the park. Specter, the lead monkey from the original game, hatches an evil plan for world domination, setting off the other monkeys on a rampage. With his main weapons only a club and net, Jimmy is faced with the enormous job of chasing delinquent monkeys through a large, lavish world in order to defeat the monkey rebellion.

Explore and discover the expansive environments of Ape Escape 2, reveling in richly animated 3D backdrops and traveling around the world catching playful primates. Stop the monkeys' shenanigans as they pursue their quest to take over the world!

Other game features include:

  • New gadgets such as the banana boomerang and water pistol, new bosses, new vehicles, and extra mini-games.
  • 300 delinquent monkeys each with their own personalities, hilarious attitudes, and character animations.
  • 20 expansive levels plus 8 boss levels provide hours of gameplay and replay value.
  • Large and lavish environments such as Enter the Monkey, Castle Frightmare, Panic Pyramid, and Moon Base, which provide a varied gameplay experience.
  • Excellent gameplay and intuitive, smooth controls.

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