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Metro3D Releases 'Gem Smashers' (GBA)

by Rainier on July 1, 2003 @ 11:49 a.m. PDT

Introducing summertime fun and entertainment for the entire family, Metro3D, Inc. today announced the nationwide release of Gem Smashers for the Game Boy Advance. Gem Smashers is a wholesome yet addictive puzzle game developed by Frame Studios Interactive and features an “E” (Everyone) ESRB Rating.

“Gem Smashers is sure to please millions of Nintendo handheld gamers from the novice to enthusiasts that thrive on a more competitive challenge,” said Joseph
Morici, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Metro3D. “The universal appeal of Gem Smashers as a captivating puzzle game for players of all ages and
playing abilities will make this a sure-bet for the summer season.”

The story of Gem Smashers begins more than 12 million years ago, when earth was populated by prehistoric beings that lived in harmony and peace and respected all races. Each lived in a different habitat, cultivated their traditions and maintained hospitality for centuries. Unfortunately, as is bound to happen in
any enchanted story, someone from deepest space found out about this fantastic planet. The fearsome scientist IMBU, intent to conquer unknown and blooming
planets as a source of new energies to be given to his own civilization, came to earth along with his henchmen to capture all the inhabitants and lock them up in crystal cells to examine them and try to understand the origin of their powers.

Miraculously, three creatures escaped. The clever Gem Smashers BAU, BAM and BOM traveled the world using their magic energy to change colors and break down the crystal cells to free their imprisoned friends. If they are the same color as the gems, players can smash the crystal gems and crack the puzzle!

In Gem Smashers, players select from one of three different playable characters each with their own unique look and movement features: BAU, a Paguay with
average abilities; BAM, a creature known as the Flippy is one of the strongest yet slowest in the bunch; and BOM, a Pinny, who is one of the fastest characters, but not very strong.

Numerous modes of game play provide hours of enjoyment for gamers. These include more than 60 fast-paced levels in Arcade Mode as players race against
the clock to free the Gem Smashers friends and uncover special bonuses and other schemes. Story Mode travels through more than 100 intensive levels through islands, deserts, swamps, deep seas, and other fascinating scenes; VS Battle Mode via Nintendo’s Game Link Cable; and three Special Unlockable Modes.
The game boasts tons of bright and colorfully animated sprites, environments and cut scenes.

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