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'The Third Reich' - Updated Mod Available NOW

by Rainier on July 13, 2003 @ 1:32 p.m. PDT

The people behind The Third Reich UT mod have released an updated version. This v1.2 mod adds new scopes, fixes several bugs & crashes, adds 4 new maps, adresses HUD issues and general improvements... The v1.2 comes in a full package as well as upgrade patch from v1.1, and there is also a full standalone (windows) server package. Read more for some v1.2 screens and download links ...

Get the Full Third Reich v1.2 Off Worthplaying (161mb)

Get the Third Reich v1.1 -> v1.2 Off Worthplaying (91mb)

Get the Third Reich v1.2 Standalone Server (Win) Off Worthplaying (220mb)

v1.2 Updates :

  • New Things:
    • Brand new player models and high-resolution skins for all available roles
    • A completely redone scoreboard that displays everything from the number of TK's a player has to what role they are playing
    • New weapon skins for the M1918A2 BAR and Thompson M1A1 and many other weapons now have high-resolution textures
    • A reworked locational damage system that rewards well-placed shots to the chest and head
    • In-game menu systems used to select team and role now have a new graphical scheme, historical information and pictures.
    • A new HUD scheme was added along with dramatic background drawings that show up when the game ends
    • Speech/Bot command menu is redone and similar to the UT2003 one. Voices are now heard as "real-world" sounds
    • Weapon firing and explosion sounds now have realistic distance effects on them so as to be heard by players from far away
    • 4 new roles available for use by mappers. 3 of them are SSSchuetze roles with different camoflague skins.
    • The scopes on both the Springfield M1903 and Gewher 43 have been redone with much detail and light fading effects
    • Added the stationary M1919A4 machine gun
    • Totally new german voice pack
    • 4 brand new maps entitled Merderet, Besieged, Nuenen and Merkers!
  • Improvements:
    • Player death animations now match up with what kind of injury it was that killed them.
    • A respawn timer on the HUD tells you how long until you respawn again
    • Numerous netcode improvements
    • Chris Dohnal's OpenGL renderer for UT has been included and now comes pre-configured as the default renderer for PC installations. This renderer improves speed, quality and fixes many bugs that were present in Epic's OpenGL renderer.
    • Bots have been improved noticeably; many menu bugs regarding them have been fixed as well
    • Grenade kamikazi attacks now count as TKs
    • View bob has been made more realistic and immersive
    • All weapon sounds have been retouched to sound better
    • Pistols can be aimed while jogging
    • Recoil on guns has been made more realistic
    • Added screen fading effect to first person view for when a player high blood loss
    • Smoke from grenade explosions now travels according to wind direction and speed.
    • Aiming your weapon while jogging switches you into walk mode
    • Added a keybind that allows players to drop the enigma or documents
    • The server info screen has been redone using in-game menu system
    • Server admins now have the ability to reset rounds mid-game
    • A crouch-toggle key has been added
    • Breathing effects and sounds have been completely implemented
    • Server browser now shows a news page from TTR's site
    • Combat Engineer bots can now complete objectives that require them to destroy something
    • Bleeding and stamina have both been tweaked to be more realistic
    • Lots of new decorations have been made available to mappers to use as decorations, including a curtain that sways according to wind
    • And many, many bug fixes.

Features :

  • Two sides with 11 available roles, 15 weapons and all about realism, teamwork and tactics
  • Realistic weapon models, handling and bullet behaviour including ballistics and penetration
  • Locational damage
  • Authentic weapon sounds recorded from authentic WW2 weapons
  • Voice commands for in-game communication
  • 12 superb and atmospheric battlefield locations + additional community made locations
  • Much much more ...

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