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'YOHOHO! Puzzle Pirates' Beta Begins Today

by Rainier on July 15, 2003 @ 11:31 a.m. PDT

Three Rings today announced the open public Beta test of "Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates," a unique massively multi-player game in which deeds of swashbuckling are accomplished with fun puzzle games. Read more for details ...

"Puzzle Pirates" has been in Alpha testing for eight months, during which players have wagered in Swordfighting puzzle challenges, pillaged the seas in crews by playing the Sailing, Bilging, Navigation, Carpentry and Gunnery puzzles, and enjoyed a few relaxed rounds of the Drinking game. Yohoho! is a highly social game, with players forming Crews and political coalitions. A rich player-driven economy fills out high-level gameplay with shop ownership, trading and island colonization.

Three Rings' Designer and CEO, Daniel James, said, "'Puzzle Pirates' brings fun puzzle games into the satisfying context of a persistent, piratical world. Sea dogs love a good challenge, and in 'Yohoho!,' puzzling skill earns booty for ye and yer fellow crewmates. Tis fun to play by dropping in for twenty minutes, yet ye can build a pirate dynasty to last for years! Arrr!"

Three Rings has developed "Puzzle Pirates" independently with a team of six fine buccaneers, with a focus on fun and gameplay over technology and realism. The game is written in Java and debuts with support for Windows and Linux, with Mac OSX coming soon. "Yohoho!" will launch this summer as a subscription service for a modest monthly fee, available at and through a major gaming network.

"Yohoho!'s" audience ranges from puzzle game enthusiasts, many of them adults and the majority women, along with fans of massively multi-player role-playing games. And, of course, pirates...

For more information, visit the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates website.

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