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'WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 15, 2003 @ 3:19 p.m. PDT

As was announced a few weeks ago Blizzard has released a new patch for their 3D real-time strategy game WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos. This upgrade brings your retail game to v1.11, its main purpose is to make the game compatible with their recently released "The Frozen Throne add-on", as well as a few other fixes & tweaks (thanks 3DGamers). Read more for a detailed fix list and download links ...

Get the WC3: RoC v1.11 (English) patch off Worthplaying (15mb)

Get the WC3: RoC v1.11 (German) patch off Worthplaying (15mb)

Get the WC3: RoC v1.11 (French) patch off Worthplaying (15mb)

Patch 1.11 Game Changes


  • Classic Campaign unit damage has been adjusted to match 1.01 values.
  • Some custom maps would crash because they had pre-1.10 data embedded in them.
  • Czech-only: fixed a crash with the display news items.
  • Fixed a number of text strings within our localized versions.
  • Fixed a number of hotkeys within our localized versions.

Patch 1.10 Game Changes


The 1.10 patch is an upgrade to Reign of Chaos in preparation for the upcoming release of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, available on July 1st. This patch
contains numerous new features and upgrades to Reign of Chaos, as well as several balance changes. Due to these significant changes we have moved the
version number from 1.06 up to 1.10. We look forward to hearing community feedback on the new features and improved game balance. See you on!


- Upgrades and units can be queued in the same queue chain.
- Buildings can now be queued.
- A graphic placeholder is displayed to notify where a building is going to be constructed after the command to queue the building has been given.
- Minimap filters now "remember" your preferences so you no longer have to toggle them on or off in every game.
- A creep camp minimap filter has been added. When it is used, small circular graphics are displayed on the minimap representing the location of creep camps.
- Added a third minimap "ally" filter that changes the colors displayed for allies in the minimap.
- When using "ally" settings, the colors for the player, enemies, and allies now properly adjust in the world frame.
- Improved defeat conditions address "hide the farm" strategies.
- An "Occupied" graphic now appears over Orc Burrows, Goblin Zeppelins, Entangled Gold Mines, etc. This allows players to quickly tell how many units
are currently occupying a structure or transport.
- Hero icons for allied players are now displayed on your console if an ally drops from a game or shares unit control.
- Flying Unit Improvements: We have turned off collision detection for flying units so that they can now easily pass through each other. This will allow air units to move about more smoothly than before. We have also added "separation behavior" so air units will break out of clusters once they reach a destination.
- Upgrade & Research Complete alerts now include text messages that indicate which upgrade has just finished.
- Added player handicaps that allow players to limit their units' maximum hit points prior to a game starting.
- Easy AI effectiveness has been further reduced. Combined with handicaps, the AI can now be severely limited.
- Normal & Hard AI strategies have been improved. The AI now chooses between a
few different build orders per race (mass casters, mass Gargoyles, etc.), which include varying numbers of Heroes.
- Holding the ALT key displays the health bars for all units on screen. Alternately, holding the "[" key will display friendly unit health bars, while the "]" key will display enemy unit health bars exclusively.
- Players can now quickly reply to the last "tell" command received by using the "/r" command from in the game (if connected to
- Waypoints now have a graphical representation in the world frame and on the minimap.
- Increased the number of waypoints that can be placed at one time.
- Shops have been given an improved interface which now allow players to select which Hero or unit is purchasing items, units, or services.
- Added the ability to see the inventory of the purchasing Hero when the shop is selected.
- Added the ability to sell items back to shops.
- A new resource indicator is displayed for players whose teammates leave in the middle of a game. The indicator appears in the top right corner of the screen and allows players to see the allied army's current resources.
- Players can now transfer resources to the allied army of a teammate who left the game.
- Tomes are now "powerups". This means that if you right-click on them with a Hero selected, the Hero will now automatically use them rather than pick them
- In-game chat messages now display who will be the recipient(s) (All, Allies, a specific player, etc.).
- Buildings can now be assigned to a single hotkey and can be "tabbed" through similar to unit subgroups.
- Players can now search for AMM opponents while continuing to chat on
- Players can alt-tab while searching for a game. Once a game has been found, Warcraft III will automatically maximize.
- Players can now veto a limited number of maps using the thumbs up/thumbs down system.
- Players can now filter custom games to only show game types they want to play.
- Players can now select their icon from icons they have unlocked. They can also see how many wins are required for each icon.
- Observers can now use minimap pings to alert other observers to points of interest.
- A new type of observer has been added called the "referee." A referee can chat with the players in the game.
- Improved creep AI.
- Players can now modify hotkeys. Please see the CustomKeyInfo.txt file found in your Warcraft III installation directory for further information.
- Town portals can now be "aimed" to a particular area around the town hall. Players can also double-click on the Scroll of Town Portal to quickly teleport
to the highest upgraded town hall.
- Rally points can now be given waypoints to avoid running into creep camps while rallying new units.
- Units "following" other units now inherit the behavior of the unit they are following. If the unit they are following goes into attack mode, they will drop into attack mode as well.
- A Hero channeling a spell will not stop casting the spell when a group containing this Hero is given a new command. The Hero must be individually selected in order to be given another command.
- Undead Acolytes and Night Elf Wisps that are rallied to an incomplete Entangled or Haunted Gold Mine will now automatically begin to mine once the structure is completed.


- All multiplayer maps that were shipped with the original product have been patched to have improved item drop tables.
- Some maps have been additionally improved with other minor enhancements.
- Tranquil Paths now has random creeps.



- Devotion now gives 1.5/3/4.5 armor per level.
- Thunder Clap damage reduced to 60/100/140 from 70/110/150.
- Gyrocopter damage increased to 27-32 from 25-30.
- Powerbuild effectiveness has been reduced to 60% of its previous strength in terms of how much speed additional Peasants add when supporting the construction of a building. Note that the cost increase per additional Peasant is unchanged.


- Shade speed increased to 350 from 270, but hit points reduced to 125 from 250.
- Animate Dead's duration reduced to 40 from 120, cooldown reduced from 180 to 240. Additionally, animated units are invulnerable, but can still be dispelled.
- Death Pact and Dark Ritual can now be used on invulnerable units.
- Carrion Swarm max damage reduced to 300/600/1000 from 375/700/1000 and damage per target reduced to 75/125/200 from 100/150/200.
- Halls of the Dead and Black Citadel attack cooldown is now 2 seconds up from 1 second, and their damage has been reduced by 33% as well.
- Gargoyle attack versus air decreased to 1d11 + 43 from 1d13 + 50 to reflect new air pathing changes.


- Wind Walk now has a cooldown of 5 seconds, costs 75 mana at all levels (changed from 100/75/25), and deals "backstab" damage. When a Blademaster
attacks while using Wind Walk, he deals bonus damage to his victim.
- Lightning Shield range increased to 600 from 500.
- Ensnare duration increased to 15 from 12, and range increased to 500 from 400.
- Feral Spirit mana cost reduced to 75 from 100 and cooldown increased to 25 from 15.
- Shockwave area of effect width reduced to 250 from 300.
- Chain Lightning base damage reduced to 85/125/180 from 100/140/180.
- Tauren Chieftain speed increased to 270 from 250.
- The Tauren Chieftain now has a smaller collision size: 32 down from 48. This means that he takes up less space on the ground.
- Wyvern hit points increased to 600 from 500.
- Wyvern poison now lasts 25 seconds and deals 4 damage a second.
- Headhunter cooldown reduced to 2.26 from 2.34.
- Berserker Strength now requires a Stronghold instead of a Fortress.
- Mirror Image cost reduced to 125 from 150.

Night Elves

- Dryad damage increased from 15-17 to 16-18.
- Entangle now prevents an affected unit from attacking, and interrupts channeling spells such as Blizzard and Starfall. However, its duration has been reduced to 12(3)/24(4)/36(5) (unit(Hero)).
- Treants created by Force of Nature now benefit from the Nature's Blessing upgrade.
- Mana Burn cooldown is now 7/6/5 seconds by level, down from 7/7/7 seconds by level.
- Tranquility cooldown reduced to 60 from 120.
- Tranquility mana cost reduced to 125 from 200.
- Cyclone no longer affects mechanical units.
- Rejuvenation can now be cast on units at full health.
- Ancients now attack while rooted.
- Hippogryph attack decreased from 1d9 + 37 to 1d7 + 31 to reflect new air pathing changes.
- Chimaera splash increments reduced by 50 for quarter, 25 for half. This effectively means that Chimaeras will do less splash damage than previously.


- Items have been revamped with new level tables. Items now have a level from 1 to 8, along with one of several categories. Items of levels 1 to 6 can be charged items, permanent items, or powerups. Items of level 7 or higher are artifacts. Examples: Wand of Lightning Shield (charged), Stone Token (charged),
Ring of Protection +2 (permanent), Tome of Strength +2 (powerup), Mask of Death (artifact).
- You can now sell items at the Goblin Merchant by right-clicking on an item, and then "dropping" it onto a Goblin Merchant.
- Scroll of Town Portal now takes 5 seconds to use. During this time it is being "channeled", and the Hero using it cannot be attacked or stunned. Under no circumstances can the town portal be aborted once started.
- Wand of Illusion can no longer be cast on hostile units. This change was made to prevent players from cheesing high level creep camps by using Wand of
Illusion on high level creeps, and then using this illusionary creep to tank the damage.
- Boots of Speed no longer stack--two Boots of Speed will make a Hero just as fast as one.


- When "attack-moving", air units now prefer to attack other air units more often than previously.
- Creeps that are not in combat now ignore flying units. This means that if you move flying units around using "move" instead of "attack move", creeps will
generally not attack them.
- Creeps can no longer be dragged via constant attacks--they eventually give up and return to their start location.
- Goblin Sappers now deal 750 damage to buildings, 250 damage to all units, and 185 damage to Heroes. These values are reduced by armor values such as '5
armor', but do not interact with armor types (e.g. 'Medium armor').
- Units in a transport killed over ground will "spill out" over a wider area. This means that surrounding a webbed transport and killing it will generally not kill the passengers.


  • Replays are incompatible between major game revisions. (1.06 replays cannot be viewed with the 1.10 version of Warcraft III.) Custom save games will not load from versions 1.06 and below.

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