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Hearts Of Iron

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Genre: Strategy

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'Hearts of Iron' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 2, 2003 @ 1:35 p.m. PDT

Get the Hearts Of Iron v1.05 patch off Worthplaying (UK version/19mb)

Get the Hearts Of Iron v1.06 patch off Worthplaying (US version/19mb)

Other Mirrors

Get the HOI v1.04 multilanguage patches off the Paradox website (19mb)

Gameplay tweaks

- Exp. Forces can no longer defect to the rebel side in civil wars.
- Naval Detection between AI countries no longer turned off if Fog Of War is off.
- MR fighters given slight tac attack values. Bomber types slightly rebalanced.
- Naval divisions can no longer be upgraded to other models.
- Expeditionary forces are now always in supply in both the controller's and the owner's provinces.
- A bit _less_ than half of a country's troops will now typically defect in civil wars. This should make the Spanish Civil war more interesting.
- Toned down the beach penalty a bit.
- Naval attack values adjusted for several bomber types.
- Fleets should no longer try to retreat into closed off channels (Suez etc).
- Corrected the dissent minister effect. No longer doubled in peace-time.
- Land leader experience gain halved.
- Neutral player countries can now also influence nations.
- Air units with paratroopers loaded will now be auto-intercepted by fighter units even if their task is not really interception.
- Techs that are deactivated for a country should no longer be listed as givable.
- Wars should now merge properly when alliances gain new members (so the USA should now properly become at war with the Axis when Japan joins the Axis and is already at war with the USA).
- USA now requires much more consumer goods when at peace.
- Carriers now defend alot better against aircrafts and other ships now, and have alot better detection capabilities.
- Lowered ship speeds and ranges.
- Doubled air unit surface defence capabilities.
- Air attack power for fighters increased.
- Joining an alliance will now move alignment towards that of the alliance leader.
- Reduced DI income rate, especially for neutral countries.
- DI cost of influencing and couping increased.
- Tweaked soft and hard attack values for "Advanced Light Tank 50mm".
- Remove some hardcoded terrain effects and tweaked the specific bonuses and penalties a bit.
- "War alliances" now _only_ give military access to occupied enemy provinces held by the "war ally" (and not his owned provinces).
- Nations in separate wars against a common enemy no longer have access to each other's occupied provinces.
- Retreating units no longer get an extra movement penalty for being out of fuel.
- Rocket units can no longer rebase. They must be strategically redeployed.
- Rocket divisions can no longer be merged with other division types.
- Rocket units can no longer engage or be engaged in air combat.
- Rocket units are now only affected by weather modifiers (and not night, dissent, etc.)
- Another overhaul on stats on carriers, cruiser and battleship.
- There should no longer be possible to strategically bomb infrastructure below 33%.
- 0 infrastructure provinces now cause attrition even if they are in a home area.
- Nazi and Stalinist regimes are now harder to influence for countries with non-fascist/non-communist governments.
- Members of alliances are now much harder to influence for countries outside the alliance.
- Japan is now much harder to influence for communists.
- At higher difficulty levels, AI countries will now regain manpower quicker.
- Added a revised model file for armored divisions.

Generic Bugfixes

- Fixed a problem with save files growing larger after each reload.
- The Rain Attack tech effect should now be listed correctly (and not as Snow Attack).
- A paratrooper loading CTD was fixed. Selecting armies loaded onto transport planes should no longer be possible.
- Puppeted nations now properly join the alliance of the master.
- The "sleep_minister" event command used on the lowest loyalty minister can no longer kill off the head of state or head of government, even if they exist in other positions as well.
- Fixed a bug with leaders going to the wrong country on unit disband.
- The upgrade button should now light up (or not) correctly even when a brigade speed cap is in effect.
- Corrected the foreign minister effects on diplomatic influence.
- The model values shown in the division upgrade window are now correct.
- Air units should now continue their task after winning an air battle.
- Fixed a CTD that occurred when puppeting alliance leaders.
- Completely empty units that somehow end up on the map should now be automatically deleted (except for empty fleets in ports which are used by the naval AI).
- Fixed a CTD that occured when neutral countries puppeted other nations.
- Fixed another rare CTD.
- Exp. Forces should no longer switch allegiance when countries gain independence.
- Fixed some problems with the "infrastructure" event command.
- Acting capital now correctly used by the code. Should prevent weirdness (such as total loss of income) after losing regular capital.
- Leaders with invalid picture names should now get the correct "unknown" picture instead of the ugly placeholder with the cross.

Multiplayer fixes

- Rewrote the file transfer routines for ingame transfer of savegame files. Should be a bit faster now.
- Fixed a crash in the MP lobby.
- Leaving and rejoining a game in MP should now work properly and not crash the game when starting.
- Optimized bandwidth usage quite a bit.
- Fixed a problem which made the file-transfer not work on dx9 or later.

* AI Fixes

* Military AI:

- AI should now be less likely to base bombers in attrition provinces.
- AI should now be less likely to base bombers near empty enemy provinces (with nothing to bomb).
- AI leader assignment now much more effective along fronts.
- Slightly adjusted the way fighters are handled by the bomber AI.
- AI Finland no longer suffers from the normal halved peace-time organization rule.
- The Invasion AI should no longer insanely move units straight through attrition provinces and enemy provinces.
- The Invasion AI should no longer steal the last defending unit from an area.
- AI should now cheat less blatantly with bomber ranges.
- Fixed yet another "Saharan Death March" problem.
- The Invasion AI should now respect the garrison AI settings.
- Fixed a problem with Front AI sometimes going dead in thin strips of land.
- AI should now be more protective of its beach heads.
- Adjusted British and US garrison priorities.
- Japan should now defend its beaches better.
- Fixed another Front dissolution problem.
- AI for the Allies will now more actively reinforce allied war zones.
- AI should now set up convoys to supply its forces in allied areas if necessary.
- The AI will now reclaim exp. forces when the recipient no longer seems to need them.
- AI can now only deploy newly built divisions in its home area.
- The Invasion AI should no longer steal divisions from existing beachheads.
- Vichy Front AI is no longer completely braindead, but rather extremely defensive.
- AI should now be better at using its tactical bombers during the day.
- UK should now try to garrison Africa better.
- Italy should now try to garrison Libya better.
- Japan should now garrison the Pacific islands better.
- Countries should now try to return excess overseas divisions to the homeland (such as Italian armies in Ethiopia after the war.)
- Vichy France should no longer try to launch invasions.
- Changed the "" file to make the Soviet front start using the other (probably more effective) distribution scheme ("even"). This means
the Soviet front should stabilize sometime after the Germans reach the Dniepr.
- Fixed a front recklessness bug.
- Alleviated a problem with fronts moving the last unit away from a province.
- Fixed a problem that could cause front strangeness due to attrition provinces upon the loss of a capital.
- AI troops landed in allied territory now automatically become exp. forces. Should help invasions greatly (since fronts will now be created.)

* Diplomacy AI:

- Finland and Romania are now less likely to join the Axis if they recently had peace with the USSR.
- Diplo AI tweaked a lot.
- Countries are now much more likely to grant military access to allies and nations with a common enemy.
- Neutrality tendency slightly raised for a number of countries.
- Japan should now be even less likely to join alliances prior to 1941.
- Germany now less likely to attempt to bring Finland and Romania to the Axis before the war with the USSR.
- The great powers will now tend to intervene and protect nations in their sphere of influence prior to WW2.

* Misc AI:

- Tweaked the world market AI.
- Fixed a bug in the Armaments AI that mostly affected nations with a 0% Naval setting.
- Adjusted Italian and German AI build preferences.
- The AI will now under-produce supplies during peace-time periods, taking the org hit in return for increased production.
- Germany should now also switch to Sealion AI if the Soviet Union is gone.
- The USSR does not panic as easily anymore (and thus will wait longer until building militia.)
- AI desperation calculations tweaked (affects militia building and "bring troops home" behaviour).

Modding Support

- HoI can now be started with a "moddir" as an argument. This will make the game look for files in that directory structure before looking at the normal place.
- Added support for the "war" and "allied" event triggers to work on current nation (B = -1)

Scenario Setup & Events

- More default unit names for lots of countries.
- Corrected a number of spelling errors in the default unit names.
- Corrected the port - sea zone connection on Greenland.
- Corrected the port - sea zone connection for Darwin.
- Removed port in Cairns
- Removed beach in Canberra
- Added beach to Xiamen
- Added beach to Luanda
- Port and beach corrected in Goa
- Port and beach corrected in Cabinda
- Port and beach corrected in Bata
- Tweaked infra and IC in Australia
- Tweaked terrain in a few provinces
- Increased infra on Iceland slightly.
- Adjusted infrastructure in several provinces.
- Bonin Islands and Naha ports are now connected to the right sea zones.
- Corrected the port and beach sprites on Diego Garcia and the Seychelle Islands.
- Oil lessened throughout the world.
- Revised rubber setup to make AI minors less of a push-over.
- "Decisive Naval Battle Doctrine" set correctly in the minister files for lots of Chiefs of Navy.
- Overhauled a lot of leaders and ministers and added missing ones.
- Added more existing trade deals to the 1936 scenario.
- Coastal fortress in Valetta reduced and beach level increased.
- Removed the Greek fortifications in Ioánnina.
- Corrected the port sprite in Port Moresby.
- Adjusted Portuguese OOBs.
- Tweaked resources in a couple of provinces.
- Added an Italian convoy to the 1939 scenario.
- Italy now has Paratrooper tech (with prereqs) researched in 1939 and '41.
- Added some light aircraft techs to the UK in 1939.
- Give more coal to Finland and added two initial trade deals.
- Some Chinese divisions deleted to allow Japan its island garrisons in the 1936 scenario.
- The great naval powers given more transport units.
- Fixed UK air division models in the 1941 scenario.
- Fixed a problem with the "End of the Swedish Winter War" events.
- The "steal_tech" event command should now be more informative.
- Vichy secession of Indochine should no longer happen if Vichy does not in fact control the area.
- Finland should now gain the whole of Karelia and Kola in the "Bitter Peace".
- Fixed some event effect text typos.
- The Lend-Lease events should now occur a more often.
- Fixed a problem with the Vichy Event trigger.
- Fixed a problem with the "Siam" event trigger.
- Tweaked "The Bitter Peace" event yet again.
- Fixed a problem in the "Swedish Winter War" trigger.

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