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'Train Collection' Steams Into Stores

by Rainier on July 2, 2003 @ 3:15 p.m. PDT

Strategy First Inc. announced today that the Train Collection has shipped to stores nationwide. “The Train Collection gives train buffs the best of all worlds,” explains Steve Milburn, Director of Marketing for Strategy First Inc. “You have a real-time strategy game, a railroad simulator and an add-on all in one box. It is the perfect package for a train enthusiast.”

The Train Collection includes Rails Across America, Ultimate Trainz and Trainz Paint Shed. Please see below for information on each of these stellar titles:

Rails Across America is a game of railroad empires in North America, covering the period from 1830 to the near future. It is a real-time strategy with a "sim" flavor. Rails allows hundreds of tracks with thousands of trains crossing the continent. Players must focus on strategic decisions: Where to expand, where to compete, and when to call in favors from government officials, union leaders, and other powerful figures.

  • Up to 8 players in multiplayer over LAN or Internet
  • Sophisticated cargo routing system enables large-scale play enabling hundreds of routes and thousands of engines
  • Influences let you directly affect other players: cause a financial panic, start an investigation into the player's company, instigate a strike, petition a city for route assignment or force independents out of business

Ultimate Trainz includes 2 CDs full of dynamic railroad action. All of the excitement of Collecting, Creating and Controlling your own railroad with the newest version of Trainz, plus tons of added features. With something for every type of train fan – driving, route building, operations, signaling and more – Ultimate Trainz offers endless hours of creativity as you add to your empire, download new items, take screenshots, run your favorite locos and build your own unique world. Then you can share it with thousands of other train buffs from around the world online – the ultimate Trainz experience!

  • Routes from USA, Europe and Australia.
  • Over 130 locos, passenger cars, freight cars, tank cars and cabooses from around the world to start your railroad collection.
  • Over 1000 unique scenery objects, trackside structures, tunnels, bridges, fences and walls let you easily create your own layout.
  • Thousands of extra objects and stock available for free download from the Trainz Download Station increase the life of your Trainz experience.

Paint Shed is the perfect addition to any software collection, Paint Shed takes the Trainz experience to a completely new level and gives the user a whole new set of locos and freight cars, plus the user-friendly Paint Shed application and an easy-to-use consist editor.
Paint Shed provides an easy to use set of templates that helps you design and create your very own unique railroad. Choose your own color scheme; add logos, motifs, or running numbers, and you’ll have a yard full of customized locos and rolling stock before you know it.

  • Choose your own color scheme
  • A simple 5-step process lets you customize your locomotives and rolling stock
  • Incorporate your own railroad logos, motifs, and slogans or select from the hundreds provided

For more information on any of these titles, please go to the Strategy first website.

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