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Hunter The Reckoning: Redeemer

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Action

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'Hunter The Reckoning: Redeemer' (Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on July 24, 2003 @ 1:10 a.m. PDT

Father Esteban was the Chaplain at Ashcroft Penitentiary. It was his job to council and administer the last rites to inmates scheduled to die by electrocution. He was the last person to speak to Nathaniel Arkady before his execution, and was witness to his suffering. In his journal he theorized that Arkady was either channeling spirits, or they were actually occupying his body. On the day following Nathaniel Arkady's execution, Father Esteban was given the gift of Second Sight by God, and able to see the demons using the bodies of men like puppets. Enraged, he took up arms against these creatures like a Holy Templar, and with the other Imbued, purged Ashcroft Penitentiary of the evil within.

Kassandra Cheyung is still the sole heir to the Fairday Manufacturing fortune. What she is not anymore is a spoiled little rich kid. While she still enjoys her parties and clubbing, she spends her down time looking for ways to help other people out. She is opinionated, uninhabited, and full of self-importance. She is also very caring and protective of her friends, who tend to be the kind of people who need support.

Features :

  • Five playable Hunter Characters; each with their own unique weapons, edges and supernatural abilities.
  • Single and multi-player cooperative play. Up to 4 players can battle over 30 enemies - all on the same screen!
  • More than 20 new expansive areas to illustrate the Redeemer storyline authentic to White Wolf's World of Darkness.
  • Unleash over 40 ranged and melee weapons on 21 types of evil creatures and bosses.
  • Downloadable content via Xbox LIVE.

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