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ChampionShip Manager 4

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'Championship Manager 4' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 24, 2003 @ 1:41 a.m. PDT

Get the CM4 v4.0.8 patch off Worthplaying (14mb)

Get the CM4 v4.0.8 (Updated Database ) patch off Worthplaying (45mb)


- Fixed "array access out of bounds" crash when controlling a club and nation, and trying to view their squad
- Fixed "array access out of bounds" crash in person search screen
- Fixed transfer offer screen mousewheel crash
- Fixed a rare crash in contract decision news.
- In the team records screen, some fields which did not apply to the nation or club are removed from the view.
- Manager total transfer spending/income now updated
- Manager league wins now updated for leagues decided by a final.
- Fixed obscure crash in manager profile when using the back button
- Made fake player games give players properly balanced physical attributes
- Fixed bug when user right clicks on a nation and goes to any other view apart from the squad view. The game would crash if user then goes to another nation using the see also menu.
- Fixed player enquiry cheat where you could renegotiate terms and the selling team would always accept.
- Added more checks for the saving game process. A dialog should now appear if it fails in any way.
- Fixed two string errors - record transfer fees recieved and person#3 in player conflict news (no manager)
- Fixed transfer screen total fees for foreign currencies
- Fixed job applications so applicatons are withdrawn if manager refused job offer
- Team screen now shows any current squad rules for non human controlled teams.
- Selling team now gets news items for any automatic rejections or acceptances of transfer offers for his players.
- When user rejects an offer for a player, his asking price is only set if it has been changed from the original offer.
- Fixed rare crash in player information section when playing in a foreign language.
- Match attendances now match up in team fixtures information panel and match stats screen.
- The Pedro De Heredia stadium in Colombia had its city set to the Spanish Cartagena instead of the Colombian Cartagena.
- Fixed duplicate entries on All Transfers screen.
- Fixed rare problem with some youth players not being approachable (only available to purchase)
- Made weather more variable
- A player's arranged future transfer date was been displayed wrongly on his profile screen.
- If a manager takes control of a reserve team and has asked a scout to look at next opposition, he will no longer get 2 news items for each of the teams.
- International job applications now flagged as "applied" on Job Information screen
- International job applications now generate a confirmation news item
- Disabled offering new contract to players who've announced a retirement
- When a message is sent to all human managers, the person who sent it now doesn't receive it as well.
- Increased maximum wage for key players slightly if a club has a large wage budget available.
- Attendance label on match screen was being hidden for the first half of extra time.
- Stopped job offers from lower reputation teams if you havn't applied for them.
- Fixed news text for player welcoming signing when '

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