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'Pop Idol' (PC/PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on July 24, 2003 @ 9:10 a.m. PDT

Stick on some music, stock up on fizzy drinks, dig out the make-up and all things glittery and get everyone around for a party this autumn with Pop Idol - The Official Video Game as Codemasters reveals two new modes to the game, especially dedicated to party play. Pop Idol - The Official Video Game, for PlayStation 2 and PC, will arrive with a load of rhythm-action game modes and now will include a Dance Mat game modes and a special Party Competition. Read more for details and some new screens ...
Connect up a dance mat to the game and players need to keep their toes tapping on the mat and control the voice of their in-game Pop Idol contestant to impress the judges. Trip or slip and you'll be subjected to a tongue-lashing from Simon Cowell and you'll have to kiss goodbye to making anywhere near the final spectacular.

The Party Competition game mode will see up to four players competing in a special sing-off show-down: Players take it in turns to perform a song as best they can by matching button presses in rhythm-action game style. At the end of each player's performance, as well as a verdict from the judges, the other players give the performer a hit or miss result through secret joypad-button presses. Who knows who said what...? You won't know until the Pop Idol party winner is revealed in the final result.

What ever the party occasion, Pop Idol - The Official Video Game is set to be the star guest, providing laughs, thrills and - thanks to Simon Cowell as the ultimate end-of-level game boss - floods of tears. Pop Idol - The Official Video Game launches for PlayStation 2, and PC this October.


Pop Idol is a brilliant music-based rhythm-action game where you become one of the hopefuls and compete as a singer through the auditions, the heats and on to the finals. Players have to face comments on their performance from a computer-generated Simon Cowell – making him the ultimate end-of-level game boss. It's all about rhythm and timing as players control the voice of their Pop Idol contestant by matching the song's lyrics and beats with well-timed button-press combos. The game features a track list of 40 top-ten songs to master, including "Baby One More Time", "I will Survive", "Suspicious Minds", "Livin' La Vida Loca", "Like a Virgin" and "Let Me Entertain You". Timing and accuracy is key, match the button-presses to those displayed on-screen and your Pop Idol wannabe sings a sweet harmony and dances to the rhythm. However, lose the beat and your singer's voice fades and quivers off key, prompting unrest in the audience and sharp words from Mr Cowell. Developed by Hothouse Creations, Codemasters will launch Pop Idol, under licence from FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment – the format owners - in the UK this autumn for PlayStation 2 and PC.

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