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'Ultimate Arena' Sees All With 'All-Seeing Eye'

by Rainier on July 24, 2003 @ 5:05 p.m. PDT

Ultimate Arena, Inc., the leading web site where online gamers can create their own tournaments for cash prizes, today announces that its game servers for Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, and America's Army will receive special designation inside All-Seeing Eye game browsers. Each Ultimate Arena server will be marked with a special "$" icon. This will make is easy for players of these games to find Ultimate Arena game servers. Unreal Tournament 2003 servers are available today; Unreal Tournament, America's Army, and other top 10 most-played game servers will be added soon.

Ultimate Arena enables online gamers to create their own tournaments for cash prizes. Players fund their accounts with a credit card or PayPal, select a supported game, choose desired game settings, and pay a tournament entry fee. The player or team that wins the match collects the prize money. Players can compete as individuals or in teams of a chosen size. Cash prizes for each tournament are determined by the number of players in the tournament and the tournament's entry fee. Ultimate Arena has implemented a wide variety of player-friendly features and functions designed to optimize the experience for new and veteran players alike, such as a simple to use interface and an innovative system to ensure fair play. There is no cost to sign up for Ultimate Arena.

All-Seeing Eye is one of the world's leading game server browsers. It lets players quickly scan all the game servers for most of the top multiplayer online games in the world. All-Seeing Eye has been installed on over 5 million computers and is currently running about 10,000 new installs every day.

"Our customers love having the Ultimate Arena game servers displayed so clearly inside All-Seeing Eye," said Michael Cassidy, CEO of Ultimate Arena. "All-Seeing Eye is such a powerful, great-looking product that we're proud to be integrated with it." "We're very excited to be now displaying Ultimate Arena game servers inside All-Seeing Eye," said Ilkka Rajala, CEO of UDP Soft. "Letting you play for money makes these FPS games even more exciting for a number of people."

Ultimate Arena has taken a multi-pronged approach to provide a fun and fair gaming experience for its players. On the technical front, Ultimate Arena works closely with game developers and other technology providers to ensure fair play. In addition, the heart of Ultimate Arena's focus on fair play is its innovative Ultimate Feedback system, which leverages human feedback after every game is completed.

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