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'IL-2: Forgotten Battles' - Update Patch Coming

by Rainier on July 24, 2003 @ 5:33 p.m. PDT

The official IL-2 Sturmovik website has been updated and has mention of an upcoming patch for UbiSoft's WWII Flight Simulator game. The first patch for IL-2 Forgotten Battles is currently being finished and is planned to be released during the week commencing 4 August 2003 (thanks Bluesnews). Read more for a detailed list of fixes, but there could be additions in the final/complete patch.


Changes and fixes in Perfect mode.

To start the updated variant, last versions of drivers are required - ATI Catalyst 2.4, NVidia Detonator 44.03 (or latest WQHL certified)

To play in this mode with pleasure we recommend:
Video card: Geforce4, ATI 9500 or better, with at least 128 Mb of texture memory.
Processor: 2.4 Ghz or higher.
Memory: 512 MB or more


1. Fixed hang-ups on ATI cards
2. Speed up the geometry render of a landscape and trees
3. Increased view distance (the view at the big height was also improved)
4. Slightly improved objects lighting
5. Reduced blinking of textures on landscape (improved forest at far distance)
6. The set of fine visual artifacts is corrected.
7. Peak delays in render are reduced

Not fixed features

1. On ATI 9700 screenshot function does not work

2. If you notice strips on landscape textures at far distance. It is recommended to set the maximal render quality from a driver tab in Display properties panel and to switch off a compression


Console Commands:
- words containing spaces may now be used in console commands in quotes
- 'user' command is modified: disposed of of 'KICK' keyword
- 'chat' command is modified: added keyword 'TO# ' - it sends the message to the player of the given number
- added command: 'kick ' - disconnects the given player from the server
- added command: 'kick# ' - disconnects a player of the given number
- added command: 'ban' - prohibits connection for the given player groups
command format:
ban [ADD] [REM] [NAME []] [PATTERN []] [IP []] [CLEAR] [LOAD []] [SAVE []]
ADD - adds players listed in NAME, PATTERN, IP to the ban list
REM - removes players listed in NAME, PATTERN, IP from the ban list
CLEAR - clears the ban list
NAME [] - picks out a player by his name
PATTERN [] - picks out a player/players by the name(s) given in the . In the - '?' represents any character, '*' represents any quantity of any characters
IP [] - picks out a player by his network address
- N.N.N.N, where 'N' is either a number 0 to 255, or a number range (i.e. 10-127), or a '*' that is any number
LOAD [] - reads list from a file ('banned.txt' by default)
SAVE [] - writes the list into a file ('banned.txt' by default)

Additional network fixes:
- improved interaction with GameService
- made improvement to the used network protocol
- modified skin download algorythm: switching off skin download now also prohibits skin uploading
- corrected a error not allowing to destroy air ballons
- in dogfight mode you will no longer collide with the chunks left of your previous flight
- corrected the issue with aircraft that spawn later into the co-op missions
- corrected the 'ground' response to vector to home base
- corrected incorrect 'eventlog' listings when a player leaves the session before mission ends

- corrected issues with incorrect playback of remaining fuel quantity, airbrake position and odd engine RPMs

- corrected errors in network telephone
- corrected the order of custom music files playback
- removed the option for 48 kHz from il2setup
- improved overall sound quality


Reworked and tuned more precisely FM, according technical data

The behavior tunes of the most planes in air:
- More precise aerodynamics model.
- Climb rates with more precise ratio.
- Maneuverability and energy loss in maneuvers.
- Stalls
- Spins
- Roll rates
- High altitude performances
- Dives
- Gliding ratio
- Impact of the speed on the control for different types of planes
- Work of flaps
- Landing on 3 points
- Breaking and taxiing
- Landing on roads
- Jumping and breaking on unprepared airfield (or out of airfield) surface

- GM-1 NO2 boost now works in Bf-109E-7/Z
- Reworked manual pitch control for the row of the planes, especially Bf-109s and FW-190s (still under revision, if there will be other docs).
- Added automatic pitch control for Bf-109 series E4 and E7 (because with beginning of German invasion in Soviet Union most if not all were already re-equipped by constant speed propellers. Still under revision, if there will be other docs.)


The main work over pilot AI:

- AI of low level afraid now of the head to head attacks
- Reworked the methods of ground attacks for different types of planes.

- Reduced precise of Ground AAA and Ships AAA

- adjusted various ammunition lethality
- replaced Ju-87G underwing cannon shells with the tungsten-core APs
- made bombs able to ricochet off asphalt or concrete surfaces

Other fixes:
- modified engine startup sequence
- corrected errors in 3D models for several aircraft
- added missing landing and formation lights
- disabled the ability to de-WEP La-5F manually

Changes in DGen (build

New features and modifications:

1. The planes attempt to use routes avoiding AAA. Maximum number of AAA en route (except target area) is reduced to 3

2. New parameters in conf.ini:

RandomFlights=n sets number of flight groups not related to mission.
Maximum is 5, minimum 0, default 2. New random groups - friendly bombers and returning allied planes.

NoBadWeather eliminates storms, rain, snow, blind weather
All weather is possible by default.

NoAirfieldHighlight - Not used airfields won't have AAAs anymore, which also removes their highlighting with a color on a map. They have AAA and are highlighted by default.

CampaignAI=Easy (Hard), default is Normal - increases or decreases friendly and hostile AI level.

CampaignMissions=Easy (Hard), default is Normal - switches to different scripts for operations, affecting number of planes and groups. Even on Hard, the scripts are less challenging than in the previous version - for all nations and years.

CampaignDifficulty now sets both AI and Missions.

CampaignLength=VeryLong (Long,Medium,Short,VeryShort), default is VeryLong. Sets number of missions in campaign. Long is about 2 times shorter than VeryLong. VeryShort is about 10 times shorter.

The lines can be placed anywhere in conf.ini, but recommended way to do it is to create in the end of the files a new [DGen] section and add everything after that. An example:


3. Roster adjustements: fighter and bomber careers use different criteria for awards.
Pilots are now younger.
Promotions rate slowed down.
Intitial number of sorties and kills increased. It is also year and nation specific, for instance Germans may start in 1941 with many aces, and Soviet squadrons are getting more and more experienced as war progresses.
Criteria for some awards change historically during war - it requires many more kills for German fighter pilots to receive Knight's Cross in 1944 comparing to 1941.
AI pilots fly missions even if they are not in your group, so number of sorties for you and AI is growing at the same rate. AI pilots can score and be killed in these missions, probability of that depends on their experience.
Until you have the senior rank (Colonel), squadron CO will be always at least of your rank, no LtCol flying under Major's command anymore.

4. Summary of air and ground targets destroyed by you in the last mission and during your career are now listed in the debriefing.

5. New campaign - German retreat from Kuban in the fall '43

6. Templates can now use custom buildings.

7. Player's plane armament for ground attack now has different variants for soft targets, armor, ships and bridges.

8. Intercepting planes now not always receive special armament, like rockets or gunpods, it is more random.

9. For every career a file that defines plane classes for this career can be created. File name is ClassesNnX.dat, where NnX is career ID, like DeS for Geman Stuka.
It is a text file that overrides default plane classes for this career, the format is:

for example:


the following roles are supported:

FIGHTER = escort, intercept, recon missions
LIGHT = same as fighter, "soft" ground targets like trains can be attacked.
TANK = soft targets + tanks, not antiship or anti bridge.
JABO = scramble, recon and all ground attack missions
ALL = all missions, fighter and ground attack
GROUND = only ground targets, suitable for bombers or ILs

10. Czech locale supported

11. Polish locale supported

Bugs fixed:

1. Level bombers attack area targets in formation

2. Spaces in pilot's name don't cause problems

3. Known static planes causing collisions are removed.

4. Coordinates of one of Lvov map airfields corrected

5. Date of Stalingrad missions are fixed

6. Rzhev dates are changed in order not to overlap with Stalingrad.

7. Initial border on Lvov map corrected

8. Junior rank for Germans now corresponds GUI ranks

9. Evening missions start earlier

10. 190F8 switched to JABO, won't fly escort missions.
It's default ground attack loadout changed to SC500.
Plane name in brieifngs corrected.

11. DB-3F bombing with torpedoes fixed

12. Me-323 should not appear in Finland transfer missions

13. Some German brieifngs corrected

14. Hungarian ranks in German locale corrected

15. BF-109F fly higher

16. Main BF-109G bombing loadout changed to SC250 from SC500

17. BF-109s capable to carry additional tanks, are equiped with them if a mission requires

18. No snowstorm messages in summer time anymore

19. Yak-1 ans Yak-1B can now fly ground attack missions

20. Wrong national markings in some campaigns (German Blenheims and PZLs) are fixed.

21. FLAK removed from a runway in Northern Crimea.

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