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'DDRMAX2' (PS2) - Screens

by Rainier on July 25, 2003 @ 2:12 p.m. PDT

DDRMAX2 hits the dance floor with new modes, new moves, and a new mix of hit songs that have been selected specifically for the U.S. market. Featuring songs and videos from top artists such as Dirty Vegas and never-before-seen features including a new "Beginner" mode that trains newcomers to the series, gamers are in for a visual treat as they dance their way into the night! For the ultimate dance-a-thon, gamers can link DDRMAX2 with Dance Dance Revolution KONAMIX and DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution to access additional features. Check the new screens ...

"DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution kicks the dance floor into overdrive with an awesome soundtrack, cool music videos and more game modes than your feet can handle," says Jason Enos, product manager at Konami of America, Inc. "In a short timeframe, 'The Revolution' has taken the world by storm and now DDRMAX2 promises to ignite a new dance craze everywhere."

DDRMAX2 is packed full of smash hits, licensed tracks and new songs exclusive to the U.S. A brand new graphical interface showcasing music videos of today's hottest artists offers a whole new visual element to this innovative game. New game modes have also been added to train newcomers to the series as well as entertain expert dancers. New modes include Beginner Mode, an all-new easy level that features an on-screen dancer to help you learn the basics; Nonstop Mode, a series of numerous themed courses that players must perform with no breaks between songs; and Endless Mode, the ultimate dance-a-thon where players dance to every song in the game in one continuous mix. Fans across the country will enjoy the most complete dancing experience ever, as DDRMAX2 can also be linked with Dance Dance Revolution KONAMIXTM and DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution to access additional features.

In addition to the new, never-before-seen game modes, hit features from past iterations of the game return to DDRMAX2 including the popular "Work Out" mode that allows players to track calories they burn while they dance to the pulsating, upbeat tunes. In the "Edit" mode, players can easily create customized dance steps, develop new player-specific routines and trade dance patterns with friends. DDRMAX2 combines fun, excitement, competition, choreography and a challenging work out to create the ultimate dancing game that's perfect for the whole family!

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