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Global Star Announces the Friday Night 3D Series

by Rainier on July 28, 2003 @ 11:32 a.m. PDT

Global Star Software has announced plans to release the Friday Night 3D series of popular leisure games for PC, beginning with Friday Night Bowling this summer. Individual games will consist of Bowling, Pool and Darts, with Slots and Casino arriving next year, and all will feature gorgeous 3D graphics coupled with authentic rules and physics. The M.S.R.P. for each of these titles will be $19.99. Read more for some bowling details ...

Friday Night Bowling brings the glitz and fun of America's favorite pastime to your computer with stunning 3D graphics, animations, and all the sights and sounds you expect from a night out at the alleys. Customize your bowler by adjusting hair color, clothes, even skin tone, and hit one of eight beautifully detailed alleys, such as a massive tournament setting and sandy beach lanes. Every possible factor in this realistic environment can be adjusted, such as ball weight, spin and foot positioning and throw power — all of which affect how close you get to that elusive perfect score. Whether you're a casual bowler who loves to hit the lanes with friends, or a die hard enthusiast who craves a realistic game of bowling from the comfort of home, Friday Night Bowling will have you in the thick of the action.


  • Beautifully created, colorfully rich, 3D environments
  • A variety of gameplay modes: Enjoy a quick match in Arcade, practice your form and release in Practice, or play your way to the top of the bowling circuit in Career
  • 8 bowling alley settings, including a tropical beach, a new age, funky futuristic alley, and your home styled, intimate neighborhood alley
  • 8 different bowling characters to create, both male and female, with customizable clothes, hair, and skin tone
  • choose your bowling ball weight strategically, from 9 to 16lbs, each with their own unique affect on how you play the game
  • Optional settings to customize your game, including background animations, music and sound effects, and alley environment detail
  • Unprecedented instant action game generator gives you highly customizable single mission challenges, and virtually unlimited game play options
  • Rich multiplayer features allow up to four people to dogfight over a LAN connection, or online with Gamespy Arcade

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