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'Casino, Inc' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 30, 2003 @ 12:00 p.m. PDT

Konami has released the first patch for Hothouse Creations' recent casino game, Casino Inc. This patch allows you to continue playing Casino, Inc in sandbox mode after the completion of all city objectives. It also adresses several bugs, crashes and occasional save issues. Read more for detailed fix list and download links ...

Get the Casino Inc. Patch Off Worthplaying (4mb)


  • Sandbox mode implemented. Now, on completion of all objectives within a City, new owners are created that the player can pit his/her skill against without the restrictions imposed by Objectives.


  • Numerous Graphic fixes. There were several instances of items being incorrectly drawn or displayed. These have now been fixed.
  • Crash bug connected to scrolling around City. Fixed.
  • Crash bugs caused my memory corruption and other related problems. Fixed
  • Character animation issues. Fixed.
  • Occasional Load/Save crash bug. Fixed.
  • Erroneous tool tips. Fixed.
  • Miscellaneous 3D display issues, including animation related issues. Resolved.
  • Incorrect messages being displayed. Fixed.
  • Minor Gameplay balance issues, specifically time taken to repair broken slot machines. Resolved.
  • Shuttles & Limos not reporting passenger numbers. Fixed; this information is now displayed in vehicles tool tip.
  • Depressing mouse wheel incorrectly activating/cancelling dialog boxes. Fixed.
  • Visitors occasionally took their suitcases with them to the gaming tables. Fixed.
  • Visitor "urge bubbles" occasionally incorrect. Fixed.
  • Crash bug in interface. Fixed.
  • Very occasional, but sometimes people that were 'killed' would continue to walk about; while their tool tip reported them as dead. Fixed.
  • Very minor Map/City inconsistencies. Fixed.
  • Puke piles not always displayed correctly. Fixed.
  • People occasionally stuck "in" chairs and other attractions. Fixed.
  • Erroneous behaviour in opponent AI. Fixed.

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