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Global Star Signs 'Emergency Services Sim'

by Rainier on July 4, 2003 @ 12:45 p.m. PDT

Today Global Star Software has announced plans to release Emergency Services Sim for the PC Platform. This Real-time city builder simulation will allow players to control every aspect of a large city’s fire, police and health care services. By performing these duties well, players will enable their cities to grow and prosper. The game is currently under development at Interactive Vision and will release during the fall of 2003 at a M.S.R.P of $29.99.

The player will take on the role of Mayor, in a 3D environment navigable by multiple camera positions. Emergency Services Sim places them in charge of every aspect of a city’s vital services: Police, Fire, and Ambulance. Keeping the citizens safe and healthy will allow them to prosper, but to do so, limited resources must be managed wisely, public servants will need to be hired and trained, and the infrastructure of all three emergency services will need to be expanded while providing the elevated standard of living that the populace of the city has come to expect. Every facet of service infrastructure management will be manageable, and will challenge the player’s financial savvy. Starting off at the helm of a small hamlet, the mayor can grow the community into a bustling cityscape with proper management and allocation of resources.


  • Control every facet of 3 different services: Police, Fire Department and Health Care.
  • Hire specialized employees and equipment for each service, from street-sweepers to swat team members, each with fully customizable equipment such as brooms and weaponry
  • Resolve city problems such as crime levels, fire risks and health care issues, by observing the streets and reacting to your citizen’s demands.
  • Witness Individual city blocks prosper or deteriorate, based directly on your management decisions; streets will become dirty, buildings run down, and visual crime more pronounced
  • Purchase, upgrade and evolve units and facilities, like helipads, surgical theatres and interrogation rooms, to suit the size and needs of your city
  • Seamless zoom camera features provides 2 unique game perspectives; Top-Down and 3D using Criterion’s Renderware™ technology.

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