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'London Racer: World Challenge' (PC/PS2) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on July 9, 2003 @ 6:52 a.m. PDT

Davilex Games is coming with a new sensational version named London Racer – World Challenge. This new title is slated for release on 15th September of this year and will appear on the PC and PS2 platforms. Read more for details and a batch of screens ...

Ok .... so London Racer I & II have sold over 600.000 copies in the UK alone ....great but what will these Davilex guys come up with next? Well, the company decided to give all their fans a true run for their money. "London Racer – World Challenge is the biggest race we have ever made ....it contains 76 separate tracks, 16 world famous cities and you can choose out of no less than 23 different cars. We have put our best technology and content into this mega packed game" says Hans Lange, Sales & Marketing Director of Davilex Games. "We have gone the extra mile to give the gamer true value for money with this title. London Racer – World Challenge is the mother of all races providing the gamer a seemingly endless amount of opportunity to race different tracks with different cars in realistic cities. I know of no other game offering such a huge load of content"

London Racer – World Challenge takes the gamer on a cannonball run across the globe passing through cities in Europe and the US. Blast your way through London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and plenty more. The game has been developed according to the newest state of the art technology with cool features like the Nitro Turbo Boost, which gives you an incredible speed sensation. The player must really use this feature effectively to win the races. Upgraded A.I. gives you plenty of interaction with your fellow competitors providing a true challenging race experience.

The game is particularly fun when playing in the two-player mode against your friends. Beware of the addictive effect the game can have because you will be glued to your screen for hours upon hours of challenging gameplay. Shake off the police, which are the real localised versions of the law enforcement in each country, as they will be on your tail to catch you if they can. Break the rules, crash through roadblocks, cut your opponents off .... do anything and everything it takes to win London Racer – World Challenge.

The game can be played in Championship mode (the whole cannonball run from start to finish), Single Race (choose your favourite track) or Time Trial modes (beat the clock). London Racer – World Challenge PC & PS2 will hit stores 15th of September of this year


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