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'Beach King Stunt Racer' (PC/PS2) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on July 9, 2003 @ 7:01 a.m. PDT

Davilex Games is coming with a new sensational game named Beach King Stunt Racer. This new title is slated for a pan-European release on 28th August of this year and will appear on the PC and PS2 platforms. Read more for details and screens ...

Ingredients? Beaches, buggy's and babes! You will be performing super tricks, jumps and stunts allowing for a sensational gameplay experience with continuing motivation to perform better, higher and more daring feats. Goal is to become King of the Beach and win the hearts of the cutest beach babes around. All against the backdrop of tropical tracks on world famous beaches and cool beach party music gives this game the ultimate atmosphere to kick back and enjoy hours upon hours of fun.

There are no less than 12 different arenas in 4 hot spots around the world: Ibiza, Rio de Janeiro, St. Tropez and Bali. Choose from 4 ultra-cool beach jeeps, quads or buggys and impress the local babes with your best stunts. Make a back-flip, hurricane combo, solar kickflip, twisted impossible or one of the many other stunning stunts and steal the hearts of those beauties!

Compete to earn points and find the hidden diamonds in the realistic tracks that have been recreated to give you a spectacular gaming experience. Use the specific objects in each location to perform your dazzling moves ....jump off of the reed roof tops in Bali, get air on the Rio Coppacabana while flying towards the famous Jesus statue, raise hell on the boulevard of St. Tropez and party crash the night life of Ibiza.

Davilex is proud to bring you Beach King Stunt Racer which allows for a unique gaming experience never been seen before. Sponsored by Brunotti, one of the leading beach sportswear brands of Europe, you will be coming back for more and more. Put a smile on your face and experience Beach King Stunt Racer!

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