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Buka Entertainment Signs Up LifeStudio:HEAD Technology

by Thomas on Aug. 1, 2003 @ 2:22 a.m. PDT

One of Russia's leading game publishers and distributors Buka Entertainment has signed a major software deal with middleware developer LifeMode Interactive, to use its unique and innovative real-time facial animation technology solution 'LifeStudio:HEAD', for two forthcoming game projects that will be released next year.

LifeStudio:HEAD SDK is a high end software developer kit that allows 3D artists to create next generation games, that combine automated lip-synch with nonlinear facial animation in real-time. Due to its sophisticated technology it is possible to overlay lip-synch with different emotions depending of AI commands in the game run-time, exchange of animations between different head models, use semi-transparent and dynamic textures, and automatically change level details of models.

Buka Entertainment plans to implement LifeStudio:HEAD SDK into two new games which will be published in 2004. The first project is very experimental title in utterly keen genre 'horror survival' and the second project will be a high adrenalin first person shooter with cool Soviet flava. Both projects are presently being kept a secret and more details will be announced later.

VP of Marketing for LifeMode Interactive, Alan Gassanov said, "We are happy to convince such a serious partner as Buka Entertainment to use our technology in several projects. Buka's products are being distributed in about 60 countries all over the world. This is exactly the kind of exposure we were looking for. Our automated lip-synch solution supports all languages, and complete product localizations (including articulation) now becomes a reality".

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