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Gathering Exposes The Truth Behind Space Colony's Characters

by Thomas on Aug. 1, 2003 @ 7:35 a.m. PDT

Computer and video game publisher Gathering, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc today unveiled information about the characters in Space Colony, a people sim-city builder PC game. Space Colony invites PC pioneers to establish and build cosmic settlements and manage a dysfunctional crew of 20 characters while fighting off alien attacks and attempting to make a profit. Space Colony is slated for release in September.

"Establishing a crew to settle a new frontier in space is a challenge in itself. Ensuring that the crew gets along and actually works well together is a whole other story," said Simon Bradbury, Designer at Firefly Studios, the developer of Space Colony. "Players will be amazed by Space Colony's highly-developed characters and challenged by their individual personalities and nuances."

Space Colony's characters must be kept happy through strategic and intelligent leadership, fair working conditions and by accounting for their differences. Space Colony's colonists include:

Venus Jones - At 23 years old, Venus is the game's wise, confident heroine. She is set on retiring by the ripe old age of 25, and therefore determined to help make the crew as productive and efficient as possible. * Tami Labelle - Drunk and rowdy, Tami loves country western music and
men. She easily gets attached and is always looking for her next relationship.

Billy Bob Perkins
- A gentle soul, Billy Bob is always willing to help out wherever and whenever he can. But he needs extremely precise and simple directions as his brain is not nearly as large as his heart.

Stig Svensson - A 36-year-old Norwegian biker whose manners are limited to the roadside. A big burly guy, he's got the muscle for lifting but his personality is anything but light and easy.

Mr. Zhang - Filled with ancient Chinese wisdom but as sour as a lemon, this 80-year-old man joined the crew so he could see space before he died. Now the crew is waiting for just that.

Candy Simpson - A 24-year-old Valley Girl, Candy is more interested in taking up space than contributing to it.

Hoshi and Kita
- Inseparable Japanese punk duo is connected deeply by their souls. Together, they are a dynamic working duo. Apart, they can dispel fiery disharmony onto the base.

Vasilios "Robot" Cosmos
- Extremely quiet and shy, Vasilios came to the colony to escape "them." Who "they" are remains unanswered, and no one really wants to disturb him.

Ashia Green - Fit and energetic, Ashia hails from South London and has come to the colony to forget about an injury that ended her athletic career.

Babette Devereux
- The daughter of a French diplomat, Babette soon realizes that life in space is far worse than living under her father's rules and sheltered Earth life. Plus she is spoiled and lazy.

All the characters' attitudes and work levels are determined by their happiness. And it is their happiness that makes the colony a success or not. With over 100 buildings available to meet the needs of the varied and dysfunctional team, it's up to the player to figure out how to keep the crew at bay. Whether it's supplying higher levels of oxygen, power and food or entertaining and pampering them with bars, clubs, brasseries, spas and saunas, Space Colony challenges players to meet the characters' needs and demands. Mental health is also an issue in space, so don't forget about meditation spaces, psychotherapy and even detention pods!

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