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'Shadowlands' Available August 26

by Thomas on Aug. 1, 2003 @ 11:00 a.m. PDT

Funcom's expansion pack Shadowlands for Anarchy Online has gone gold and will ship on August 26. The expansion pack will include the full version of Anarchy Online, Anarchy Online - Notum Wars and Anarchy Online – Shadowlands, as well as one month of included game-time for new accounts. (thanks GameSpyDaily). Read more for features!


20+ new playfields across seven distinct themes

Enhanced graphics with unique depth and detail

Two new professions; Shade and Keeper

Hundreds of new monsters with improved AI

Thousands of new weapons, armour and items

Faction system to further emphasize the strong setting

Hundreds of Perks; increasing specialization options even further

Shadowbreed, unleash your inner self in combat

Increased level cap, 220.

150+ Shadowlands dungeons, with a unique new style

New land control areas, where players can conquer the veins of notum

The floating city of Jobe

New music and audio

New deluxe apartments

Loads of quests

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